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Updated Link!! This is very worthwhile, speak up for science!! Updated Link!!

This link will take you to the US Government link for a petition to get the current administration to recognize that the Earth is 4.54 billion years old. Please sign and take the side of science!!

Updated Link!!…


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Empirical Truth Vs. Rational Thought in the Context of Religion

From the time one comes into being, for this argument one can use birth as a starting point, empirical evidence is presented in limitless quantities. From the fuzzy sights of the delivery room to the sounds of one’s own crying, sensory education has begun. These are the first things to register as human knowledge. A toddler will grab and put anything into its mouth, maybe because it is hungry or teething, but more likely because the young mind is trying to learn about its surroundings. The… Continue

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The Pleasure Principe

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We live in a world rife with temptation. Natural human instinct is to do what feels good, but what happens when these hedonistic urges for instant gratification are forced through the morality wringer and into the public conscious? Where is the point of separation between one man’s pleasure and another man’s sin?At what point does the concession of social living impede the individual’s right…


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