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I really hate Jesus.

Okay usually you get people that just like "historic Jesus" or think the concept is neat, or like the happy feel good hippy junk he preached about.

But no, I cannot stand Jesus, not at all.

Why is this?

Well it can be summed up as: He is an inconsistent, hypocritical, asshole.

Without getting too theologically involved, lets take the trinity, in which you believe "God" and "Jesus" (not their actual names but the most frequently used aliases the followers use when…


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Indoctrination: Different harm for different situations and the unique harm to the religious cause.

Lets start by establishing that there are two types of indoctrination.

The first I will discuss has to do with extreme cult like indoctrination, such as Westboro Baptist Church (onto the children), and with my friend Angie (the anti theist) escaped from (did you know one of the Phelp's sons escaped from the cult too?).

This type is dangerous because it also socially separates the children from others as they are growing up. I would assume the children were home schooled and kept away…


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