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after a bit with no computer- too many doctor's appointments- and even today is super busy== trips back to the place we used to call home- hubby got his settlement (yay) so he got his bed (sweet sleepnumber- he frakkin loves it! i am still not sleeping so well- even with the sleepytime meds theve given me... but anyways-

i am finally typing to you from my macbook:) he got what he wanted and as a mother's day/late early birthday/holiday and everything else we've never bought for… Continue

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decided this is the only social networking site i need & bsg shite

so i said fuck myspace and deleted my account... frak all that drama-- even with people who don't know you... have to start so yeah fuck that- i'm happier here and with my twitter anyways...

comp still going nuts... organ still trying to escape... nothing new... just actually got the computer to work and i felt the need to say FUCK YOU RON MOORE>>>> JUST FUCK YOU.... yeah... bsg has me all wound up after last night...

i'm thinking starbucks father… Continue

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meds and computers and organ prolapses oh my

my computer is really freaking out on me... windows opening and closing on their own- the mouse going all over the screen- just being crazy- keep getting uniprocessor errors??? wtf??

so being on the internet is totally limited for now...

stupid ehlers-danlos syndrome has me down *again* first i lost my gallbladder - now it seems my bladder is prolapsing... not good... i don't recover well or quickly from surgery and it seems i may be in for some sort of surgery to keep my… Continue

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"save me"

theres probably plenty of copywrite infringments in this... but it was this crazy swarm in my head that i had to release unto you:)

Save me Pearl Jam & Radiohead for I have lost my way.

I cannot escape this coin operated siamese dream while riding this runnaway train.

I dream to dance dance the night away but the robots won't let us.

The OK computer runs the masses of money & greed.

I close my eyes to taste the… Continue

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haiku again- by me;)

awakened by truth
religion won't save the earth
someone help me wake the world

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Normality in Haiku's

Decided to share some of the vastness of haiku's i've written:) more to come i'm sure- and please remember that i personally wrote these so reposting is ok as long as you ask & give props:)

small. medium. large

no room for X-X-X-L

endless cycles shine

penguin looks at me

provides me the fire i need

pink is my color

voices in my head

most just sound like me inside

my eyes… Continue

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"while freedom passes by"

I write..compulsively... and i know this is already on my profile.. but sometimes i do like to re-post things for emphasis... (that and i'm a super dork and i like reading my own words...really thats all it is.. i

anything i post on my blog- unless otherwise stated is my written work and property of me;) if you want to use something i've written that's cool.. just let me know and give me props ok?

"While Freedom Passes By"

Purple mountains… Continue

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