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I run a used book store....

Customer: Where is your non-fiction?
Ariel: We have it in a few categories. What subject are you interested
Customer: Angels.


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That's Love

After a bad day, I got to open my Valentine's Day gift early, last night. My Boy sent me a scarlet letter car decal and necklace from the Richard Dawkins Out Campaign. He explained that is appropriate for V-Day because I am the one who made him question (and lose) his faith and start looking critically at beliefs that people take for granted. Is the kid sweet, or what?

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I just finished watching "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dream Coat" because my significant other had never seen it. Seriously -- What the fuck? I love this movie. It's like reading the Old Testament on acid.

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Happiness is a Small Ball of Grey Fur

His name is Boggart (it's a mischief making household faerie indigenous to Scotland) and he's six weeks old. Since moving to Shreveport, Louisiana almost a month ago, things have been rough to say the least. It's to effing hot, there's nothing to do except gamble at the casinos (where I couldn't go even if I wanted to, because you're allowed to smoke in them), the job market SUCKS, and I swear these people aren't even trying to speak English.… Continue

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Happy Zombie-Jesus Day / Pagan Fertility Festival!

All Christian ceremony thievery connotations aside, Easter is my favorite holiday and I wish you all a good one!

I get totally into Easter. I make baskets for anyone who has so much as been nice to me lately. I decorate. I wear fuzzy ears. I'm even nice (read: less bitchy) to strangers. Last year my roommate, my boyfriend, and I hid somewhere between 60 and 90 eggs for each other (the last one was found more than a month later). I love Easter!

I wasn't raised to be… Continue

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Life's a piece of shit when you look at it. Life's a laugh and death's a joke, it's true.

Signing onto A|N today cheered me up a great deal, but for the reason you'd expect. It wasn't the stimulating discussions or the presence of rational people. It was actually the song on my profile. I think I just have to put "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" on repeat for the next four months.

I got bad news last night.

You see, my lover is, unfortunately, a military man. The problem with that is that the Air Force gets to decide when, where, and why he moves. Since… Continue

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