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Chasers war on everything and how Australia once again over-reacts

For those not in the know, The chasers war on everything is an Australian comedy sketch series. It's filled with black comedy and frequently takes stabs at Aust politics and culture. Their latest show involved a gag where a charity "The make a wish foundation" was spoofed with the "Make a realistic wish foundation" which involved dying kids getting lame presents such as a stick. The response to the sketch was overwhelming with the show being forced off the air for two weeks, a Staff member at… Continue

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Atheist wins election and other random news

Just got elected at work to the occupational health and safety committee. Ok so it's not a government position but in a company with 60 odd workers I think it's good to know that my atheism didn't inhibit my chances when I went for the position.

On a somewhat more bizarre note I also brought up the issue of mandatory vaccination at work and how I was in favor of it. One response I got was that it was atheists who typically oppose such things. Go figure.

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Zombie funeral

Although it'll probably never happen, I recently decided to plan out my ideal funeral. It's going to go something like this. Firstly it will be held at night with all the guests dressed up as zombies. I want alcohol and lively music. The casket will have a number of hidden tape recorders which will play pre-recorded messages such as "Let me out of this thing, I'm not dead". There will be an automated arm which will break out of the earth once the casket has been buried. I'm also happy for the… Continue

Added by Justin Pearson Smith on May 20, 2009 at 4:14pm — 1 Comment

Homophobia in the work place.

Today as a social experiment I decided to find out how homophobic or anti-gay my workplace is. To do this I went around asking people if they had heard about the anti-gay rights group in America known as 2M4M I explained how ironic it was that such a group would go with a name which sounds for lack of a better word gay. The response I got was typically, they shouldn't be allowed to get married, it sets a bad example or it's just wrong God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. I responded… Continue

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Dollhouse and Chuck season finales **spoilers.**

So this morning I finally caught up with the Dollhouse finale so I'll review that quickly. In a word this was nothing short of being the best episode in the series. There were plenty of plot twists and some excellent sci-fi themes explored. I particularly liked the twist with Dr Claire being a doll. That was unexpected but very logical. The two things what impressed me the most however were Alan Tudyk's (Alpha) performance who nailed the character completely and the concept of Echo confronting… Continue

Added by Justin Pearson Smith on May 11, 2009 at 3:33am — 2 Comments

So I joined the Atheist nexus

For me it's been an interesting week jam packed with personal atheist news. I started the week by getting into atheist podcasts. I finally did a search on atheism to fill in the void created after a movie podcast listen to disappeared. That Podcast the AMR movie show is on hiatus and will hopefully return. I really miss hearing it especially since they are politically incorrect and not afraid to bash religion. It is through them that I discovered George Carlin and Pat Condell two of my… Continue

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