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The most powerful book in human history

One can ask from where all the tales of bibles and Quran come from and why they found that acceptance among people.

The source of all books is tablets called Enuma Elish is a Babylonian creation mythos, at that time it's like General relativity book that explain the world, it was accepted by all people at that time.

The Cosmography

the Earth was thought to be a flat disk floating on water. The flat-disk Earth was seen as one big supercontinent surrounded by a superocean, of which… Continue

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The theory of mind

The theory of mind is the ability to attribute mental states—beliefs, intents, desires, pretending, knowledge, etc.—to oneself and others and to understand that others have beliefs, desires, and intentions that are different from one's own.

It start at age of four and can be demonstrated by this simple experiment.


Now this ability is very strong in girls and decrease in boys, and disappear in… Continue

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Is it the right time for democracy in Mideast ?

Democracy need fair play other wise it will be used by religion.

I don't think it is the right time for democracy in Mideast and that's because if there is democracy that means there will be Islamic parties, and the Islamic parties play in unfair way.

First the Islamic party use religion to frighten people about voting to other parties they tell people that if you vote for these parties you will go to hell because these parties include people who do not believe in god.

Secular… Continue

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The incestuous narcissistic family

"The Targaryens wed brothers and sisters for three hundred years to keep bloodlines pure. Jaime and I are more than brother and sister: we shared a womb, came into this world together, we belong together."

―Cersei Lannister to Ned Stark

In the game of thrones

incestuous narcissistic family is very popular in ancient culture it's a way to keep the noble blood in one family.

The main objective of the writers of the old bibles is to proof the purity of blood of specific… Continue

Added by Rick Springfield on August 10, 2014 at 1:39pm — 2 Comments

Sadism and injustice

"Sadism involves gaining pleasure from seeing others undergo pain or discomfort. It's the way in which individuals not only display, but also take enjoyment in committing sadistic acts. Individuals possessing sadistic personality display recurrent cruel behavior and aggression."

"Sadism include the use of emotional cruelty, purposefully manipulating others through the use of fear, and a preoccupation with violence."


If some one convicted with crime then punishment… Continue

Added by Rick Springfield on August 4, 2014 at 9:22am — 4 Comments

Manipulative religion

Magic uses the partial blindness to fool our mind, our mind doesn't see every thing that our eyes look at, our mind only see things associated with movement or voice.

Religion was invented to make people comply and follow the orders of who benefits from religion.

Now how religion get to these blind compliance?

usually religion start with very small request like to accept Jesus as Savior of mankind, or say Muhammad is messenger of Alla and the reward for this small request is very… Continue

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Fear or rage

The idea of no creator and no one control the rain, victory or breeding is relatively new to human.

this idea is very revolutionary like the idea that earth is not center of the universe.

all our ancestor are religious in some way, they believe that there is some sort of supernatural power control everything , the sun , the death , the disease ,and they believe that some acts of human will make god(s) angry, and they don't want the supernatural power to be angry, so people… Continue

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Individual life in Islam

Individual life is not appreciated in islam

Islam is very clear about the life, it worth nothing, because the valuable life is after death !!!

"So let those fight in the cause of Allah who sell the life of this world for the Hereafter. And he who fights in the cause of Allah and is killed or achieves victory - We will bestow upon him a great reward."

Quran 4:74

"Those are the ones who have bought the life of this world [in exchange] for the Hereafter, so the punishment… Continue

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Why religions did not stop slavery

Imagine that there passed an international law that illegalized the ownership of private cars, and enforce people to use only public transport.

of course this is good for our environment and to reduce pollution and reduce consume of oil energy.

But this will be very strange law, many people will complain and motor industry will protest this law.

But may be in the future there will be such a law that prohibit using private cars, maybe because people became more aware of…


Added by Rick Springfield on July 26, 2014 at 4:33am — 2 Comments

Satan extended

The idea of satan is extremely dangerous let’s take one example

If you live in desert, heaven will be green , water , rivers, fruits , bird meat, honey and wine, -And because of masculine society -of course there will be virgin brides (how about women who goes heaven) and beds – yes beds!!!.

“In the Gardens of Pleasure,” “There will circulate among them young boys made eternal With vessels, pitchers and a cup [of wine] from a flowing spring No headache will they have therefrom,…


Added by Rick Springfield on July 21, 2014 at 4:51am — 2 Comments

Why satan have influence in religions

The monotheistic religions cannot be sustained without the satan, and that’s because in their development towards monotheistic they faced a big problem.

To understand this problem lets go back to the beginning when there was many gods and goddesses and each have specialized power.

One come and say these are many gods lets reduce them to just two gods one for good and other for evil.

so after that , when it was time for monotheistic, the writer faced this problem, how to…


Added by Rick Springfield on July 20, 2014 at 7:00am — 4 Comments



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