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Rush Limbaugh on Family Guy got me thinking...

Rush Limbaugh on Family Guy got me thinking, mostly after listening to a caller to his show the next day who was thoroughly disappointed that Rush went on that "liberal show", that we're getting a wee bit too tribalized into left vs. right in our politics. We always used to talk a good game of liberal vs. conservative, but in the past it seems like we could at least come together after elections and get something done. Those days, it seems, are behind us.

Republicans came into…


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I don't care

I don't care that other people are religious, so long as they are respectful of my right not to be.

I don't care that "under God" is in the pledge, or that "In God We Trust" is on our money. Just don't make me say "under God" if I don't want to and don't insinuate I'm not a "real American".

I don't care if a group of muslims want to build a worship and community center near Ground Zero. There were muslim casualties of that disaster and no I don't mean the guys…


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Ok Republicans... What's up with your governors?

I'm confused you see. I don't understand why the governor that should quit hasn't, and why the one that I would have expected to stay in didn't. Mark Sanford should quit, not because he had an affair, but because he himself said in the past that adulterous politicians (Bill Clinton notably) had lost the moral authority to govern. Now I disagree with his thesis, but it is his and if he really believed it he should step down. Of course, I'd accept him just admitting that personal behavior should… Continue

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What if Atheism is what a creator god wants?

Here me out on an odd thought I had the other day.... What if God wants us to be atheists? What if the point of this life, and our apparent inability to prove a god exists or to remember our lives before we were born, is for us to learn how to live independantly; to exercise our own moral judgements; and to do all of it free from the influence that comes from knowing what God's morality is for sure or even knowing he exists at all?

Can you imagine the pain the theists will feel when… Continue

Added by Scott M on May 26, 2009 at 11:46am — 1 Comment

Call it "Concientious Objection" instead of "Religious Objection"

Here's a story I ran across on the ultra right-wing religious wing-nut "news" website "WorldNetDaily"...

Summarizing here: a nurse was demoted at her job in a hospital because she refused to dispense the "morning after" pill to patients. She claimed it was a violation of her religious beliefs.

I'll admit my first knee-jerk reaction was that she was being ridiculous. Perhaps even "religulous"… Continue

Added by Scott M on May 22, 2009 at 10:38am — 2 Comments

Republicans... you're doing it wrong.

I'm one of those people who hears "european style socialism" and thinks "what's so awful-terrible about that?" But this doesn't stop me from considering the current spiraling self-destruction of a slow-motion trainwreck that is the republican party and how they might reverse it.

So, I offer up some of my own suggestions for them.

* Drop the whole anti-gay thing. Yes we know the Bible condemns male (but interestingly, not female) homosexuality, but it also condemns wearing… Continue

Added by Scott M on May 14, 2009 at 3:18pm — 3 Comments

I Tried To Believe

I tried to be a believer, I really did. I wanted to believe in a personal and loving God. I worked hard to push my doubts aside and be a good theist. I even tried attending a local Southern Baptist church.

What actually started to derail it was the last election. I was convinced that Obama was a better choice for president than McCain was. I felt that Obama was the more christian candidate because of his support for policies that, as Jesus seemed to encourage, would have benefitted… Continue

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