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New Novel tackles Gay Suicide in Catholic schools! & it is awesome!

Hey folks,

This is going to be more of a review than my usual blogs that are all about me! Canadian writer Suzette Mayr just published a novel called "Monoceros." It explores the impact of a gay teen's suicide on the people in his life - people mostly peripheral to his life. It is extremely well written. In only the first 80 pages I both laughed out loud and cried - a bit problematic since I've mostly been reading it during downtime at work!  The author knows whereof she speaks,…


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The Tyranny of the Ignorant: Another lesson learned in my youth…

      In high school I had three BFF’s (Best Friends Forever!) all of them had higher grades than I did and being somewhat insecure about that I thought that meant they actually knew more than I did. I am still friends with one of them but this tale involves the other two, I’ll call them Jen and Jane. During a conversation I only vaguely remember I used the word “cobbler” as in “He lives across the street from a cobbler.” Be aware that I grew up in Calgary, AB Canada, but my parents…


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Steal this PAGE! (Why it is great to be an Atheist)

I was inspired to create this after reading this list on Pamela Townsend's page:

in fact the bulleted list is almost verbatim from her page. Also I've had a few chats with people about counter-propaganda and how to go about it. Stickers, pamphlets etc.

The second half is much more specific / about me.

I encourage everyone to steal this idea - and even the page and make it your own!

add a cartoon or…


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If you don't believe something, you will believe anything! WTF????? or Fundies = Zombies.

Ok, this is in response to the very interesting ads we are often subjected to on Atheist Nexus.

This is also a rant - just so you are warned!



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Vacation Vignette: It's in your face where ever you go!

Hello all,

For a good part of the month of March I was fortunate to be in Hawaii! The Big Island - Not Maui - Not Oahu - the Big Island ... I was travelling with my lovely partner and some dear friends & their 2 small kids who happen to be my "god-daughters." (hee hee) En route to Hilo, we stopped at Tex's Drive In, for breakfast and their famous Malasadas - square donut like treats. Being in vacation mode we had lost track of what date it was. After…


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My Big Rebellion!

This is my first blog post - anywhere - ever!

I want to tell you about my big rebellion against religion. I was not raised in a very religious home. My immigrant parents are lapsed Catholics and had lapsed long before I came along so no baptism for me!

I went to kindergarten at a catholic school but started grade one at the public school because I begged and pleaded to go where "all my friends" were. It was also Much closer to my house.

Around age 9 or 10 one of my…


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