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Happiness and Success. A perspective from North Korean defectors.

I was watching this video series, which contains interviews with defectors from North Korea.  These people underwent ordeals similar to the Underground Railroad, except they were leaving mental enslavement and starvation in North Korea, for the uncertainty of freedom, first as illegal immigrants in China, then ultimately to South Korea where they were welcomed with open arms.  What do they day about happiness?



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Happiness. Positivity. Avoiding Negativity. Social Media. News.

Over and over again in life, things happen.  Things that don't make us happy today, and won't make us happy tomorrow, or probably, ever.  Hearing about those things, or reading about the repeatedly, won't make us happy, today or tomorrow, or the next day.

Depression is contagious. …


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A New Year and a New Beginning

New Year's resolutions are passé.  I don't know any one who makes them, any more.  Some claim that such resolutions don't work at all.  So why make them?

I don't think it hurts to sit down and ponder the events of the past year, or years, in a context of what works, what doesn't work, what lessons can we learn, and what can guide us to a better life today and forward.  We only live once.  During the daily routines, requirements, goals, demands, and jostle of daily life, the…


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Drug Deaths

During the past couple of days, the annual holiday death toll included two more well known entertainment figures - Carrie Fisher and George Michael.  I think it would be a public service for press to discuss potential roles of drugs in their deaths, rather than treating it almost as a random event "found dead" and "massive heart attack".  There is no harm in discussing their drug addictions at the outset, even if it's speculation.  For what it's worth, drugs like cocaine have long term high…


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We Should Know the story of the Spanish "Secular Holocaust"

Via a post on the Facebook Atheist Nexus, from the UK Website Church and State

The Secular Holocaust

For centuries the Catholic Church controlled Spain, controlling the laws, the social order,…


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Last week, a former coworker sent me a text that one of my colleagues had died at a young age.  It wasn't a complete surprise, as I had heard rumers of a rare, incurable, and rapidly progressing cancer.

This knowledge led me to ponder my relationship with the departed.  I had worked with her for many years, and in fact had tried to help with workplace challenges, by mentoring about specific issues and practices, and advising about how to manage a difficult career.  Over time,…


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Mount Saint Helens

I've lived within view of Mt St Helens for 15 years and more than half of my adult life in the Pacific Northwest areas affected by the Mt. St. Helens eruption in the 1980s..  Trees and terrain block the view from my house, but the beautiful volcano is prominant in the view on the road to my house.

Despite living here for so long, we have not been to the lookout station for at least 25 years.  We…


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Powered by Jesus. The 10 Commandments are NOT multiple choice.

Today I was driving home, and was cut off in traffic by a woman driving a big white Oldsmobile Intrigue sedan.  I knew it was an Intrigue because it had a label stating that.  I had to look it up at home to find out, it was an Oldsmobile.

I could have forced the issue.  I had right of way.  If I had just tailgated the pickup in front of me, she would have had to merge behind me.  But does it really matter if I get home 1 second sooner?  Maybe one half second?  I just don't…


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The Case of the Social Justice Warrior

The concept of the Social Justice Warrior, also called SJW, is fairly new to me.  I don't claim to be expert, and may not be able to do justice to the phenomenon.  Social Justice Warriorism first came onto my radar, while reading comments on The Friendly Atheist website.  I don't have a link to those old comments now. 

The topic comes up now, because Reason Rally in Washington DC was noted to have less attendence, compared to the prior Reason Rally.  Some writers and…


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Merry Xmas Everyone!

Regardless of whether you use the word "Merry"  in any other sitiation - like "Merry Birthday"  or "Merry Anniversary",

And Regardless of whether you feel happy about the marketing, capitalism-run-amuck, obligatory family dysfunction, society-on-edge about christian high-and-mighty supercilious dishonest rhetoric,

And regardless of whether you wish that the christian war-against-christmas would have been won (The …


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Sanders vs. Trump.

ptum Will it happen?

I think Clinton vs. Trump, Clinton would win. I think she would also win against any other Repub currently running around the clown car. Unless Jesus Christ himself descends from a cloud and announces he's for Jindahl and if America votes for anyone else, he will rain hellfire and brimstone across the realm. If that happens, Piyush "Bobby" Jindahl will have a chance to win, despite bring a no talent bigot who squandered his intelligence, education, and talent, in… Continue

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Sexual Abuse in the Jehovah's Witnesses - Don't let them past your doorstep!

This article is from ThinkProgress, although there are others reporting on the same issue.  The particular abuse is in Australia, but there are reports in USA as well.

"The Jehovah's Witnesses' Massive Sex Abuse Scandal"…


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Everyone sleeps.  Every person, every mammal, probably every bird and reptile.

I was thinking about sleep last night, as I was thinking about going to sleep.  I don't like sleep.  For me, sleep is an interlude of death.  I usually have no memories of dreams.  No recollections of thoughts, or sensations. They say, everyone dreams. Not just a few dreams, but many.  Every night.  If that's so, either I'm unusual, or my sleep is so deep that no dreams escape into the world of day.…


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Amazing Grace in the Workplace? Arrgghhh!

My worklife is intense and demanding. It is a high stress environment. I try to keep a low profile, do my best, and always have a professional demeanor, responsible temperament, and keep my nose to the grindstone. My retirement - or graduation, as I sometimes call it - is in early 2016. I am not going to make waves.

Like many offices, our workday begins with what management gurus call "The Huddle" - a brief meeting, mandatory for all, for disseminating info about workload,… Continue

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The meaning and value of work.

Work is how we make a living. For many, we spend more time with our coworkers, than with our spouse. I do. Work gets us our living, our benefits, if we are lucky, some savings, security, and the ability to pay for what we need to pay for. Work has psychological costs, and psychological rewards. If we are very lucky, work gives…


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Damn Windows 8.x Spawn of Satan! Damn! Damn!

I am forced to use Windows, my program at work will only work with the damn vile awkward heinous Windows product.  When my old computer quit working - because I dropped it - the new ones only came with Windows 8.0.  I tolerated this downgrade because had no choice - stupid program, awkward, less user friendly, takes more clicks and more actions to do the  same stuff.  Over the past year or so, it asks me if I want 8.1 and I always say no.  Stop asking me, dammit!  Leave me…


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Scruffy, Gnarly, Sometimes Grouchy, Loyal, Beautiful, Beloved Old Dogs

Huffington Post  This Mesmerizing Photo Series Captures The Regal Beauty Of Aging Dogs

source, for more old dog photos


My own best friend, and his best friend.  …


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Back from vacation. For an atheist, I spent a lot of time in churches.

Today I returned from a 2 week vacation.  It was much needed.  Almost cancelled - Been quite ill and didn't feel great when I left.  But, I thought what I needed most was rest, de-stress, and minimal pressure, and this being a cruise vacation, that's what I got.  Today, tired from the flight, but otherwise feeling SO much better!


Our cruise started in Venice, then went to Athens, Ephesus, Istanbul, Naples / Pompeii, Florence Marseilles, and ended in Barcelona.  I was so worn…


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Islamic Mauritania ♥'s Modern Slavery

This via The Friendly Atheist Blog, with links as added.  A big aspect of the story is one courageous Muslim man -  Biram Dah Abeid -   who is fighting Islamic - supported slavery in Mauritania.


"Slavery in Mauritania Is Alive and Well, Thanks In No Small Part to Islamic…


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"How is your lover?"

Ive been sick at home with pneumonia. My mind is going all sorts of strange places, including conversations I've never known what to do with.

It just popped into my mind. A few years back 5? 7? I was on the phone with my aunt. She was my dad's brother's wife. My family was highly puritanical - no mention of anything sexual, in any context, ever. No cursing, no smoking, no drinking, but especially, what seemed to be absolute sexual innocence.

I had planned a visit to… Continue

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