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Evolution of Theism

We opened our eyes and our minds

in the far recesses of time 

and discovered an object we would come to call a tree.

A river flowed beside, 

while above the warm sun sat high, 

and we pondered ever so curiously.

Answers were sought, 

which led to the first human thought, 

being slowly and ignorantly formed.

It is a natural defense, 

A primitive mind's response while…


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So I Had This Conversation While Out On Date...

Went on a date this past weekend and our conversation inevitably turned towards religion.  At first I tried to change the subject, because as we all know, the 2 things you never talk about around new people are religion and politics...unless of course, that's why you are talking to them in the first place. 


So anyway, she was talking about her religious history and about how much of an important role it is in her life, when she asks me the dreaded question....what…


Added by Ryan Allstun on January 28, 2011 at 2:03pm — 4 Comments

Facebook Friends

I am not an avid user of Facebook, but I do use it occasionally for events.  After people found out I had finally joined the Facebook hive I started getting friend invites from a whole lot of people.  At first I accepted them all with open arms thinking I'm was the coolest guy on the internet.  But then reality kicked in and I found out that I don't really give a fuck if someone is going to go work out today, or if someone just painted their toenails.  But then there is the worst of it…


Added by Ryan Allstun on January 20, 2011 at 10:24am — 5 Comments

Being a Single Atheist

I just recently moved back to the midwest after having spent about 10 years in major cities around the world.  I have enjoyed being single with the occasional girlfriend for most of that time.  But the reason I enjoyed it so much, was due to the city life in which I was accustomed.  There were always other single people that wanted to go out and shoot pool, or go bowling, and there were always the prospects of meeting single women the same age with a lot of the attributes I was looking for.…


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