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A popular question in this little town is "Do you believe in God?"  (Might be interesting to research how and why the question became so popular in this little Mississippi town....might be interesting to contrast the history of heinous violence and injustice that have figured so prominently in the state's history with the implications of the question "Do you believe in God?"...) 

Anyway, I mention it because the sermon yesterday at the Lutheran church where I…


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I Live in Hell

I'm still here. Still in Mississippi. Still surrounded and outnumbered by ignorance.

We have a new mayor. The coffeehouse is open. There's a new corporate chain pizza store. But, really, nothing's changed because the core of the culture of this place has not been impacted one smidgen by any of these superficial changes. The core of this culture is scared of the world and unquestioningly submissive to the God myth.

The new mayor used to be the Representative to the State…


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NPR's Interview of a Humanist Chaplain

Click HERE for my critique of the interview as posted to my blog, Sojourner in the 21st Century. 

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Can We Talk?

Last weekend we hosted an Open House and invited about 45 Holly Springs folks. Althought it wasn't "that kind of party," a number of guests brought housewarming gifts. Isn't it curious how a gift often says more about the giver than the recipient?

Ms. F's gift was a pair of faux wood oval plaques with matching ornate display stands. The plaques each bore a line of scripture. I only remember the one that I found especially provocative:  "But as for me and my house, we will…


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