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Creationism's New label

I posted a discussion on Atheist News earlier today about the Oklahoma House Education Committee passing a Creationist bill, but it's not just evolution that the religious legislators want to eradicate from the science curriculum. It's also physical science, escpeically physical science as it pertains to things like climate change and stem cell research.

For this, Creationsts have developed a new strategy, marketing these bills as defending the "academic freedom" of students and…


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Please consider donating to American Atheists Fair Tax Legal Fund

Please consider donating to American Atheists Fair Tax Legal Fund, a lawsuit filed by American Atheists against the IRS challenging the tax exempt status of religious institutions.

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The tragedy of the Newtown Shooting

I'm not going to be using the Newtwon Shooting as a means of trying to promote some anti-theist agenda on this post, nor will I be scolding anyone who does use the tragedy to try and promote their own agenda here.

Although I don't personally know any of the children who were lost yesterday, I am deeply saddened, perhaps more than someone who didn't personally know any of the victims would normally be.

Although I have no children of my own, my cousins have their own children…


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Electoral Confusion

First, let met start this post by sending my thoughts and condolences to those whose lives have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.


Now, let's get to the actual post.  If you're anything like me, I'm so sorry.  Also, you might be getting a little ticked off about the election.  Ticked off enough to…


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Here I go again

Get this, we've been talking a lot about how the mainstream media is ignoring us and the Reason Rally.  Today, Tim fucking Tebow gives a sermon to 15,000 people, half the number of people who showed up to the Reason Rally, and it's front page material.

I want to renew our drive to get the Reason Rally reported.  Start sending out your letters, emails, I'd even go so far as to talk to these news anchors if you can do it respectfully.  We're not bitching about the fact that we're not…


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How is believing in a God that you hate better than not believing in God at all

I usually reserve posts on my personal blog for rants and ravings of mine, because I don't want to waste the times of all the social groups on here.  This is no exception, it's another of my own personal rants.

I recently saw an episode of "Becker" in which Becker insists that God is a man-made construct and says that he doesn't believe in him.  He is immediately chastised for his position by all of his peers and especially by Jake, the blind owner of a newstand at Becker's favorite…


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A New Rant

I read online last night that yet another school student has tragically ended her life because of bullying.  Stories like these always hurt me because I had a friend who took his own like because of bullying.  That's why I thnk that when children commit suicide because of bullying, the bullies should be held responsible.  What about you?  Do you feel the same?

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Where do they come with this stuff?

I was at Barnes & Noble today and a book in the "Christianity" section caught my eye (they put the Atheist and scientific literature in "Social Sciences", which is loscated suspiciously close to the "Christianity" section).  It's called "Prepare for War" by Dr. Rebecca Brown.  I read the back cover and it's all about combating satan's influence by being aware of his "doorways" such as yoga, role-playing games, and meditation.  I shit you not.

I put the book back on the shelf,…


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