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Video: PZ Myers on the irreconcilability of science and religion

On April 1st, 2019 PZ Myers visited Rochester Institute of Technology to

speak on the current controversy over evolution and intelligent design

and thoughts on the incompatibility of science and religious belief. The

lecture followed a lengthy Q&A session where audience got their

questions answered. The lecture was sponsored by Rochester Atheists

and… Continue

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PZ Myers coming to Rochester

PZ Myers is coming to Rochester to speak at RIT. If you don’t know who he is, here’s a quick overview. PZ Myers is a biology professor at University of Minnesota Morris. He started writing a science blog called… Continue

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Support science and reason this holiday season!

Science and reason are two things that keep on giving every day. They were able to inspire us to live and prosper in this world. Without them we would be unable to cure and eradicate diseases, increase the standard of living, and explore the unexplored terrain. In this new century these are the two most crucial elements that will help us survive by helping us connect with our Earth and stop global warming from destroying our species.

The… Continue

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Vote for secular nonprofit organizations on Facebook

Chase is giving out $5 million to various charities nationwide. This is a perfect opportunity to vote for secular nonprofit organizations and help support them. You don't have to donate anything, just login to your Facebook account and start searching for secular nonprofits to vote. Each member gets 20 votes, so you can vote for up to 20 secular organizations. Let's make it happen.


Check it out guys, this… Continue

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Common sense approach to atheism

Atheism does not require science. Atheism does not require science – repetition was in order to get it into your head. There is no need for science whatsoever. Not believing in god is very easy and natural. It is part of our psyche; otherwise, we would have six billion people on this planet believing in Zeus, Thor or any other mythical god. You don’t believe in them, do you?

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Will God put his abortion practice on hold for 40 Days for Life campaign?

In a recent press release David Bereit, national director of 40 Days for Life, said, “With abortion advocates trying to exploit the current health care reform debate to mandate taxpayer funding of abortion. We are incredibly encouraged to see record numbers of people in cities across America willing to take a stand by participating in 40 Days for Life to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves and seek God's protection for innocent children in the womb -- and mothers -- at risk of… Continue

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Face it, prayer has no place in any government establishment

On July 5th, 1983 the US Supreme Court ruled that a practice of opening each legislative day with a prayer was constitutional stating, “In light of the unambiguous and unbroken history of more than 200 years, there can be no doubt that the practice of opening legislative sessions with prayer has become part of the fabric of our society.” What does it mean? It’s been around for 200 years and that means it is constitutional. Oh really? One would think that Supreme Court justices would be… Continue

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An interview with William B. Davis, the cigarette smoking man from The X-Files

The X-Files was a great show. A lot of imagination and creativity went into the production. Every show has its villain. In The X-Files they frequently changed from one episode to another, but as the show began to build up momentum one character became regular. He was a mysterious and dark character, intriguing viewers with every appearance. He was known as the cigarette smoking man. The smoke added mood to the show, it had something about it that fascinated audiences and kept them glued to… Continue

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50 Voices of Disbelief, an interview with Russell Blackford and Udo Schuklenk

Have you ever wondered why Michael Shermer is an atheist, or Margaret Downey, or J.C. Grayling, or James Randi, or Victor Stenger, or many other well known atheists? You will be able to find out this coming fall. The new book “50 Voices of Disbelief: Why We Are Atheists” by Russell Blackford and Udu Schuklenk is a collection of essays by some of the most prominent on why they are atheists. Inspirational stories and philosophical monologues will provide a doorway into the author’s life, and shed… Continue

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CFI Student Leadership Conference 2009 wrap-up

Amherst, NY – Good times come to an end with a speed of light. Before you know it good-byes begin to fill the air and new friendships begin to turn into Facebook requests. After three days of reason and delightful, in-depth conversations about life, God, evolution, college, and gossip from the night before it was time to depart and return to the real world.

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Mr. Deity unleashes season 3

Check out season 3 of the hilarious Mr. Deity show

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A quick guide to being an atheist volunteer

It is an incredible feeling to be able to provide skills and abilities for the greater good of an atheist community. If you've ever wondered how you can volunteer with an atheist organization, here's a quick guide that will open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. If you have free time there's an opportunity for you to help, all you have to do is reach out and grab it. This guide is not inclusive of all opportunities out there, but a mere few to get you started.

Read the… Continue

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Human spirit, not God, will lift people of Iran

The tweets come from all over the world. Humanity is uniting. One tweet that stands out, “On 9/11 the world said we were Americans. Today, we're Iranians.” When times get hard, when it seems like there is no hope, the human spirit rises above everything else. It lifts those that are tired, it heals those that are wounded, and it cuts through differences to find common ground – freedom.

Read the article on Examiner.com…


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Rochester, meet Rochester Atheists

Have you ever wondered if you're the only atheist in Rochester? Well, you're not! It's time to say hello to Rochester Atheists. They're new, but the drive to be successful is unprecedented.

Read my entire story on examiner.com


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Uncle Sam Will Provide Protection from the Bullies

Here's my latest article on AC:

Uncle Sam Will Provide Protection from the Bullies

Uncle Sam promises to create new agency to protect consumers%2C but consumers need to realize that their ignorance is even bigger problem than corruption of the CEOs and bankers.…


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Adoption kittens images

I took some images for a local adoption organization, and thought I will share
Alexis and Cooper

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GODbar releases A|N Menu

GODbar released A|N Menu where you can go anywhere on A|N without even being on website. It is a great tool that gives you flexibility and of navigating A|N without even being on it. For more information visit http://www.godbar.net/2009/06/08/out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new/

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For all atheists, free business cards


I've been a member of VistaPrint for over 2 years. I always get my business cards

printed there. They are offering 250 business cards for free. Check it out.

It's funny, that's how I got started using their services 2 years ago.

Get 250 premium quality, color business cards for free =) just for my fellow atheists Click here.

Not spam, just spreading the… Continue

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Urgent Action for all atheists!

Please, join the fight!

Newdow vs Roberts


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