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Of Death, Democracy and Human Rights

In February 2007, former Taliban and Mujahideen groups managed to stage a rather uneventful rally in support of a legal amnesty for war crimes and human rights abuses for all the warlords as well as many ex-communist power brokers. It was quite a spectacle to see how groups who only years earlier distrusted one another like a pack of hungry wolves were now eager to go on the public record in the defense the atrocities they collectively committed. While they chanted "Death to…


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The Islamic Republic of Iran – A Review

It has been well over 30 years since Iran's "hijacked" revolution and the establishment of the Ayatollah Kingdom where the Mullahs rule with an iron fist. Like all other so-called Islamic Republics and Democracies the constitution in Iran guarantees well versed phrases such as the freedom of speech, freedom of association, gender equality, freedom of belief, freedom of movement and many more freedoms but the same constitutions also categorically state and emphasize that "all laws and… Continue

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Education Poisoned!

BBC reports that "Scores of schoolgirls in the Afghan province of Kunduz have fallen ill over the past week..."

It is always the weak and the defenseless who end up shouldering the biggest burden of war. Demolition of schools and education centers and systematic eradication of teachers, academics and other professionals of liberal education has been a trait of the Islamic movements in Afghanistan. While Taliban can not… Continue

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There is the Taliban and then there are these people

There was that video of an underage girl being flogged in Swat Pakistan for allegedly stepping outside the house without the escort of an immediate family member. This of course was nothing compared to the countless other incidents and videos of beheadings, summary executions and other acts of atrocity committed at the hands of the warriors of Islam.

Recently, local…


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Saudis - notorious as usual: 75-year-old woman facing 40 lashes

And most people thought not letting women drive was bad, the leading state sponsor of Islamic extremism (neck to neck with Iran) continues breaking in to new grounds as its acts of imposing Sharia'h maintains its ruthlessness.

Saudi Arabia's state sanctioned and widely revered by Muslim fundamentalists, style of punishments include amputations of hands and feet for robbery, and flogging for lesser crimes such as sexual deviance and drunkenness, public beheading, segregation and apartheid… Continue

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The farce that is the Hajj festival

A few days ago Muslims the world over celebrated the Eid-ul-Adha marking the end of the Hajj festival. The festival also commemorates prophet Abraham's offer to slaughter his son, Ismail, to comply with Allah's commands given to him in his dreams.

Firstly, coming from a religion that proclaims itself as the monologue of peace, it is obviously quite absurd for its followers to be celebrating an… Continue

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Muslim academics and students are turning against Darwin’s theory

Evolution or any scientific consensus that challenges established conventions and dogmas is bound to face resistance in any society. In the US for example, there is a raging war of words between creationists or intelligent design proponents on the one side and the overwhelming majority of the scientific community, who argue for evolution; on the other side. In Europe evolution, as a scientific explanation of how we and other living beings got to where we are and how life got its complexity, is… Continue

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Democracy is a problem (?), Islam a solution (!?)

One of the many views rampant in Afghanistan's educational institutions


Islam provides Afghans, specially the disillusioned and somewhat conspiracy minded youth, with the perfect placebo effect. Not that Islam has had any admirable track record in providing solutions to problems or at the very least bringing people together, but what is important to these people is the…


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Afghanistan's childbrides - "She would run around the bed, around and around, just afraid of him."

Not in a long, long time have I been so disgusted at a common practice in Afghanistan. This is more disturbing that the suicide bombings, beheadings and ear and nose choppings.

For most of the world, this is a news story out of the “godforsaken” country that is… Continue

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