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Christopher Hitchens et alia.

Yes, I do realise I'm slightly late but I've only now read the latest developments about Christopher Hitchens' health conditions and I wanted to publicly wish him all the best in his battle against cancer. Not that I believe in the power of wishes, of course. That would be an insult to everything Christopher stands for. It's funny though. It's funny - or maybe sad? - that my first thought was that quite a few people out there will probably be secretly cheering at the thought of supposed divine… Continue

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When semantics takes its toll.

I should be entertaining myself with homework and assignments, but I've realised there's something bugging me far too much for me to let it go unnoticed any longer. I've been out of the whole online debating scene for a few months. I'm not sure whether I've grown tired of always fighting the same people or if I've become physically unable to tolerate their use of the same, old, stretched arguments over and over again. Whatever the reason, the mere idea of logging in on a public forum and engage… Continue

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Will Wright the Anti-Christ?


Really, words are unnecessary. Just click and see for yourself.

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I'm speechless...

Assailed by boredom I, perhaps incautiously, decided to have a look at some creationist websites to have a laugh. I do it from time to time, to catch up with the new silly arguments they manage to come up with - if they even do. This is a little something I found on www.creationism.org and I thought I'd share with the world. Also, it was obviously placed in a page titled "Evolution" .…


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Gnothi seauton

I write. I intend it as a broad statement, just as much as 'aerobic organisms require oxygen.' It would, in fact, be more correct to say that writing has come to be a prerequisite for my own well-being, as I have painfully found out in circumstances that made it impossible for me to write anything creative for long periods of time. Ah, daily routine, how I loathe thee!

I write for many reasons, probably for more than I can consciously put my fingers on. Most times, as I sit down in… Continue

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