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Imagine No Religion

I know that a lot of religious people think that most atheists are angry, but the truth is we know that this is our one and only life so most try to live it the best we can. Life is not a dress rehearsal for the big show. Atheists haven't caused as much harm as religious people by a long shot. No wars were ever started in the name of atheism, but they have in the name of god (any god). I have heard people say that Stalin and Hitler were atheists, but if you look at any of their writings,… Continue

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I just wanted to say......

Good for you, America! I was so happy that americans (at least the majority of voters) voted in Obama as the newest president of the US. Way to go, congrats on making the right choice!

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Good laugh this morning..

My daughter made an observation this morning on the way to school.....

My son was standing in a puddle on a bump which gave the appearance of "walking on water", which he thought was cool. My daughter said "Well, in the winter the water freezes so we can all walk on in...take that Jesus!" It was just so casual and innocent that it was hilarious!! Having a laugh like that was a great start to the day. Ahh, kids.

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Devastated Family

I have had a few people welcome me into the "community" here on Atheist Nexus, but I haven't had a chance to answer and say "Hi" back. You see, we have lost a cherished member of our family and I won't be posting for a while after this, but I will be back later. This Saturday in the wee hours, my Father in Law passed away. The family was there to see him go as he lay in his hospital bed in intensive care. We knew he was sick with leukemia since early spring of this year, and so were trying to… Continue

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One is the Loneliest Number

I am what you would call an atheist. I have no belief in any "god" and I am perfectly happy with that. My children are freethinkers, but they are discovering how hard that concept is for others to accept. Can you imagine what it must feel like to have another child tell you emphatically that you are going to burn in hell if you don't "accept Jesus"? Both of my kids have found out exactly that. I bought a couple of books for them to read from Amazon a little while ago, so they could get an idea… Continue

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All Hail His Noodly Goodness...with extra cheese

The other day we went to the theatre and saw two people with the Flying Spaghetti Monster on their shirts...funny thing was they weren't even together. I asked them if they could show my son their shirts and they were thrilled. He was hailed as a "fellow Pastafarian", much to his delight. My kids understand the ridiculousness in believing in any gods. Children have not a clue as to the true meanings behind the passages in the bible, no matter how much you drill it into their heads. Children are… Continue

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