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Creativity through mindfulness.

     So lately I have been reading an interesting book about how each and every person on this planet has a unique story and something to contribute how does everyone feel about this?  The name of the book is "the Art of Original Thinking" by Jan Phillips.  But more to the point how does everyone feel about my question?  Do you think that we are all an interconnected part of the world and that all of us individually have a part in creating not only our own stories but sharing them with…


Added by Jason Edwin DeLeo on November 26, 2011 at 6:30pm — 1 Comment

Reason or Chaos... Any Questions ?

So has anyone not seen all the revolutions going on in the world today? The problem with having a revolution without having a firm goal in mind other than kicking the old regime out is that it then can be hijacked by whichever group has a consistent stance and ideology . It doesn't really matter which ideology . As long as you pick a stance and stick to it you and your compatriots can wait for the revolution to be over and then seize power while the smoke is still settling . And the thing…


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