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Sister is producer for MonsterQuest on March 11th

My sister is a new producer for MonsterQuest on the History Channel.

Her first episode is this Wed. March 11th at 8/9

Here is the blurb from the MonsterQuest site on the episode

MonsterQuest : Snowbeast Slaughter

Airs on Wednesday March 11 09:00 PM

High in the rugged wilderness of Colorado's Rocky Mountains a large hairy creature is said to be preying on the elk and frightening…

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A different book for inauguration?

It is only a few hours after Obama took the oath of office to become the President of the United States. And part of that was that he placed his hand on a Bible used by Lincoln, something which as been pointed out quite a bit in the news with the historic nature of the book has been talked about. Now perhaps it should be that no Bible at all should be used at all, but I was also thinking about it and wondering if instead of just saying drop the Bible something that might be attempted is to come… Continue

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Chariots of Iron

Hey all, of course RL gets busy fast, so posts are slow. But on my page I just wanted to say that I have started some discussions on the group for a great podcast the Chariots of Iron about the creation of non-religious tracts, or "non-tracts." I really liked the idea because I have recieved little pamphlets from religious people and I have often wanted to have something to give in return. I am not interested in giving things out… Continue

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Monster Quest

I don't know how many might know about the show Monster Quest on the History Channel. Well my sister is the producer of the next season, which is really cool. I must admit that I have not seen the show, although I have looked over the website. From looking, the show is presented as being investigative, using technology to check the claims and such, but I don't know really if they have a bias towards or against the creatures they are… Continue

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I have been thinking about the idea of spirituality and its relationship to religion and then my own atheistic outlook. It is something that has actually been bouncing around in my mind because of some reading at the beginning of Godless by Dan Barker as well as some discussions on various podcasts. Well the most recent podcast is the Secular Nation Podcast #20 where David Driscoll is interviewing David E. Comings and the idea of… Continue

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Slow to get going

Well I was hoping to spend some time getting some thoughts down here and with the various groups and of course time has gotten away from me. Fall is a very busy time here where I work. We are in the agricultural field and so business is tied closely to the seasons. I was also planning a little project to act as a kind of framework for posts, but that has also been slow as I was trying to contact some people about it. Oh well. But I have been taking some notes and listening to podcasts and have… Continue

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Another Blog!

Hey another blog. I have lost track of how many I have out there, most are terribly neglected. Well in this case I think it might get more use. I often have things that come to mind in regards to religion and this would be the perfect place to post them. Of course there is the time issue. Time is often not my friend. Oh well. Anyway this is just a nice initial try out the blog post.

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