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Final Response – By Godless Teen

For me, every online “debate” is a learning experience. It’s a learning experience to see if my arguments actually hold some ground. [Read more at godlessteens.com]

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Coming out to Your Parents – Part 1 of 3 – Why? - By BlackWitchoftheEast

Many people around here in the Middle East seem to be under the impression that the United States is the birthplace and haven of atheism.[Read more at godlessteens.com]

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Dear Chris: Evidences for God - by Godless Teen

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, your alleged “evidences” for a god do not stand up very well to criticism. You named quite a few, so let’s take them one by one, shall we?[read more at godlessteens.com]

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Welcoming a new contributor to godlessteens.com

Thanks to atheistnexus, we have recruited another contributor/blogger to godlessteens.com, redrabbiter who lives in the UK. [Read more at godlessteens.com]

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Debate with Chris, Part 3 – By Godless Teen

So, before I go on to see how Chris did answering the questions I gave him in my last post, let’s cut to the beginning of his long and overly detailed rant, shall we? [Read more at godlessteens.com]

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Sunday Commentary: Connecticut Shooting – By Godless Teen

Unless you’ve been literally living under a rock, got lost in the third realm of magic, or were eaten by a dragon, you’ve heard of the school shooting in Connecticut by this point.[Read more at godlessteens.com]

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*Sighs Deeply* – By Godless Teen

At the end of my last post, I mentioned that I would not be bringing back the argument. When I say that, I usually mean it. [Read more at godlessteens.com]

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Response to Chris – By Godless Teen

If you haven’t yet noticed, I’ve been stuck arguing with this fellow Chris over a variety of topics for the past few days. I’ll dive right in: I’m writing this post as a response to Chris’s last argument.   [Read More at godlessteens.com]

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Ray Comfort’s “180″ turns out to just be my “360″ back to abortion – By Godless Teen

Yes, yes, I spent the whole 33 minutes watching Ray Comfort’s (aka “The Banana Man”) misleading video about abortion. In my defense, I only bore through the brain-rotting experience because I have a debate about abortion tomorrow in school, and I could easily be on one side or the other. So far, I’ve found the “pro-life” (a silly euphemism) position to be rather lacking. Who would’ve knew? Read More

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Tom Minnery despises the US Constitution

Tom Minnery is the Senior Vice President of the “Government and Public Policy” section of Focus on the Family. ‘Nuff said. … Ok, so maybe it’s not that simple. If you don’t live in Colorado or the USA you may never have heard of FoF (lucky you).. They are an evangelical Christian group that preaches “family values”, or, in other words, bigotry. Mr. Daly sent out a Christmas letter recently, rallying Christians against all ‘em narsty athetists…


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Black Witch of the East has joined GodlessTeens.com

Hi. We have a new blogger join us over at www.godlessteens.com, Black Witch of the East, who is also a member here at AtheistNexus. Please go say hello over there as well!

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Dear Bodie Hodge, from an Atheist

Last Monday, I wrote a rebuttal to a good portion of Bodie Hodge's hideously ignorant letter.  I wrote a ton of words, and yet only managed to address the first few paragraphs of his letter to atheists. So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to write a letter back to Bodie in the exact same format that she wrote his letter to atheists. Then, I’m going to email it to AiG. I doubt I’ll ever get an answer, but I’ll do it for the fun factor of it. So now, let us begin…


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Any teens interested in writing with us?

I have a blog at www.godlessteens.com  -go have a look. If you are interested in writing, email me at godlessteen at godlessteens dot com, welcome teens from anywhere in the world!

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I was lucky enough to introduce Richard Dawkins!


It's a long story, but Richard Dawkins visited and spoke at our school a few weeks ago. For the full story and some pics, go here!





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Godless Teen

Hi, I just found out about atheistnexus. I have my own blog at www.godlessteens.com  If you are a teen and are interested, please stop by. I am also looking to see if anyone is interested in writing articles for the blog as well.

Godless Teen

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