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Sorry Kansas...Signing an abortion ban into law puts you back into the dog house...

The other day I posted a link that demonstrated some hope in the intellectual capacity of Kansas among the dismal, dubious achievements of the Creation Museum where the Kansas university became among the first to demonstrate multicellular lifeforms evolving from single celled ones.


Well today I read…


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Hooray for Kentucky - University replicates multicellular evolution in a Test Tube

Shocking to me, the same state that brought you the "creation museum" is also home of the first experiment that demonstrates multicellular life evolving from single celled organisms in a test tube. I guess truth, like life, tends to find a way even in the harshest environments:…


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arg...too many zombie jesus cards and facebook posts

he is risen!  he is risen indeed! the "secret handshake" of christians popping up all over my facebook, and these creepy flash based easter greeting cards.


Zombie Jesus indeed.

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I just published a rather anti religous irreverant book...

In case you're interested here's a book I've co authored...



I take a lot of pot shots at various religions and its a skewering of many cultures in a kind of homage to the great Diogenes.



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Dear Victoria Jackson

Thanks for taking a stand against Gays and Homosexuals citing the Bible as strong support against the gay lifestyle and "agenda". The bible is clearly in favor of stoning gays, killing apostates, punishing disobedient children with death, killing disobedient slaves, and most importantly killing anyone (immediately and without hesitation) who tries to sway you from the faith. Your words have characterized the bible accurately, and demonstrate a person who really has read it and believes what…


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The Good Ship Earth - a picture of wealth distribution (INFOGRAPHIC)



Imagine if a ship represented earth's resources/GDP, and 1000 passengers represented the earths population.


By my calculations, 1 guy would represent all the millionaires and billionaires, and he'd have 2/3rds of the ship to run around in.

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Having trouble sharing the gospel? use trickery and sleight of hand!

Hilariously apt approach to "spreading the gospel".  The entire practice of "evangelizing" is no more than using manipulative techniques to convince a person of something that is clearly and obviously false.

IE "a guy rose from the dead 2000 years ago and that matters to you" is very hard to swallow for any thinking person, so you need to rephrase, use trickery, and manipulative techniques to sell the concept as "truth".


Fully aware of this, Campus Crusade for Christ,…


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Interesting website and my open letter to the guy

I found this website created by a scientist who is clearly in the "human caused global warming is a hoax" camp and found his reasoning fairly good, but other parts of his site seemed to wander into the polemic, which was a bit disappointing so I wrote him the following letter:


I read with interest your thoughts on the notion of global warming and felt you made some interesting points that are…

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God is good.

a little conversation from facebook I just had to post, after I pick my jaw up from off the floor.


J. I am totally blessed. Literally everyone in front of me where getting flights out on the 31st and Jan 2nd. I even thought of renting a car and then I prayed. My turn and the agent said there was one seat on a flight to Atlanta in 6 hrs from Boston . Delta would pay for the 2-3 hr taxi down. Then in Atlanta there was an 11pm flight to Nashville . I took it.…


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Letter to the christians

Dear Christians:

Thanks for being such a-holes about this gay marriage thing. Its far easier for us to point out the flaws in your belief system when you are showing your intolerance for a minority just like when Martin Luther did of the Jews back in the 16th century. When you do that nice stuff like caring for the poor and doing good to those who persecute you, its much more difficult.

The Atheists.

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Pro life atheists

-are not mysogynists

-are not religious or influenced by the bible for their position

-are rational.

If you make up pseudo science to "prove" a fetus so inferior to a human, are you any different than a creationist?

What is the hard science that supports the idea that a fetus is not a human, and thus has no more rights than a blob of cancer, or an appendix?

At what point, precisely, does a fetus become a human? Birth? Is a fetus not a human 1 second before… Continue

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Hitler was a theist. Here's proof.

I just responded to some theist claiming that Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot were "atheists". It occurred to me, no, they were actually theists.

What is God to his followers? An unquestionable, all knowing, undebatable perfect being who is all powerful...correct?

What was Hitler to his followers? An unquestionable, all knowing, undebatable, perfect being who was all powerful.

The punishment for being skeptical of God in most mainstream religions is death (or some… Continue

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Great Emo Phillips quote

Recently spotted on a thread at CNN:

"I was walking across a bridge one day, and I saw a man standing on the edge, about to jump off. So I ran over and said 'Stop! don't do it!' 'Why shouldn't I?' he said. I said, 'Well there's so much to live for!' 'Like what?' 'Well, are you religious or atheist?' 'Religious.' 'Me too! Are you Christian or Buddhist?' 'Christian.' I said, 'Me too! Are you Catholic or Protestant?' 'Protestant.' 'Me too! Are you Episcopalian or Baptist?' 'Baptist!' 'Wow! Me… Continue

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"Bride has a cold...please pray for me!" - argh

I dont understand how one decides what deserves God's attention via prayer, but the hubris to ask God to pay attention to you while he apparently ignores, for example, those two Asian women recently discovered to have been chained up in a neighbor's basement for a year...or those kids getting diddled by priests...is really frustrating.


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Just as annoying on national radio

I often come to the site and nit pick, point out fallacy, and am the ever present skeptic. It can be annoying, I know, but I cant help it...and yesterday when I heard the CBC claim that Jupiter's lost belt would be around 150,000 KM long, I just couldnt sit idly by without response. Fortunately for the listeners, CBC found a most clever and entertaining method to wrap my comments in, which, I felt, made it well worth sharing with all you folks at A/N.…


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Fundy Atheists...we need to take care to not be one.

Defining a "fundy" as someone who takes a position in spite of a lack of evidence or evidence to the contrary, often suspect that critics of their stance are part of a conspiracy or threatened by their position...this reviewer of the movie "The God Who Wasn't There" make a humorous and plausible case that the movie itself is guilty of perpetuating its own myths. I highly recommend it as a read for any atheist interested in being guided by reason, and not by passion.…


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boycott the iPad and iPhone!

Apple is blocking flash on the iPad and iPhone according to Kevin Lynch, CTO of Adobe.

No big deal...we can live without flash right? Its just annoying. Well, the real issue is WHY Apple is blocking flash. Its clearly because allowing developers to build apps in flash would mean they could build outside the tightly controlled "App store" and have some independence.

This is only… Continue

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PeeWee Herman's iPad review

A little off topic but if you havent seen it yet, its pretty funny. I suppose you could call the mac a bit of a religious cult with devoted followers, and this video could be considered a parody of that cult. Yeah, I'll try to run with that.


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I vote for "Dangerous Talk" to be banned from A/N!!!!!

Dangerous Talk posts tons of things here and always closes comments. Its REALLY annoying and spam to use our site that way. He's also made it impossible to contact him without "friending" first, so I cant complain directly to him or in his comment sections. This is incredibly annoying and siphons traffic away from our site, and allows him to post without being able to be held accountable or debated fairly. I HATE IT!!!! Please kick… Continue

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Racist, evil Aussies?

A friend of mine just got back after a year traveling in Australia and said while it was beautiful, she was shocked at how racist the Aussies were against the Aboriginal people. All walks of life she came across seemed to have nothing but scorn and contempt for "abbos" and used them as the butt of every joke.

Can anyone corroborate this? Was she just hanging in the wrong crowds?

Another thing she pointed out is that there are so many backpackers going there, that they have… Continue

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