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Isang Mahabang Litanya ng Pagiging Atiyista

I remember wondering when I was a kid why some people have no faith in God. I was about to go home with one of my girl friends when out of the blue I said to her, “I really can’t understand why some people just don’t believe in God. Do they not realize that it is impossible not to believe in God’s existence? Can’t they see that wherever we look we can see the grand design of the Creator?” My friend looked at me and frowned. I think she even said, “Yan ka na naman sa kaiisip mo eh. Isang araw di… Continue

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Don’t Hear the Whisper

As darkness creeps in,

As the shadow eats the light,

-the hawk glides low,

-the vulture stands still to observe,

-a bat shrieks cutting the silence,

-the dog howls sending a chilling,

-the owl stares with empty eyes,

-the black veil covers the night,

completing what’s required,

it welcomes The Coming.


A baby cries.

A man trembles while his guts is emptied.

A woman grabs a knife and aims it to her heart.

A child… Continue

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Sexually Absurd

I am born male that means that I have a normal and complete genitalia of a biologically male Homo Sapien. The eldest and only male son of my father, on my mother’s side. Well, the side of my father has never been really important.

I grew up a Catholic, the Roman and Patriarchal Catholic. The father is the image of authority, while the m‘other’ — the wife — is the subordinate and slave of the father and, to some extent, of the eldest son when he becomes a legitimate member of the… Continue

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Ang Sabi ni Lola

Ang sabi ng Lola lahat daw ng tao makasalanan, mapamatanda o kapapanganak na sanggol. Ang mga nakakapunta lang daw sa langit ay yong mga pinagpala ng Diyos at nagmimilagro sa lupa, samakatuwid, isang santo. Kapag hindi raw nagsisimba, nangungumpisal sa pari, hindi nagdarasal ng rosaryo, basta hindi pa nakakapatay ng tao lalo na’t katoliko’y sa purgatoryo mapupunta. Ang mga hindi naman katoliko, diretsong impyerno. Noon, naisip kong buti na lang katoliko ako.Ang sabi ni lola, santo lang daw ang… Continue

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An Ode to a Broken Promise

You were always curious how it felt like to drown. There was a time that you felt death and that you can’t do anything to stop the darkness that looms over your face. You’ve always been with your sandman, dreaming of the bloody Neverland, always dreaming. And you know that it was just an escape. You were always afraid of that man on dark suit, afraid he might cut your throat and that blood would gush out, your red thick blood flowing and drenching your shirt. You were always afraid someone… Continue

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