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Does God answer prayers?

If you believe he does, consider this:

We probably still have much to learn about what happened in Paris last Friday night, but there is one thing we can be 100% certain of. Before those bastards started out on their mission, they would have prayed to God. They would have asked for his full support for what they were about to do. They probably prayed while they were spraying bullets into people's bodies.

Given that they killed more than 100 people, injured hundreds more,… Continue

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Adam & Eve found innocent of all crimes

In a dramatic turn of events, Adam de Eden and his wife Eve have been found not guilty of being the cause of a ‘curse on all mankind’ and bringing sin into the world by eating a piece of illicit fruit. While neither deny consuming said berry, they claimed in court that the fruit tree's owner had lied to them, and that they were unaware of how dire the consequences of their ‘crime’ would be.

The judge in the case, Lord AG. Gnostic, accepted the de Eden's story, which went as…


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I am Ham

Hi. My name’s Ken Ham and I run a Christian apologetics ministry called Answers in Genesis. I believe that the Bible is the infallible word of an infallible God who fathered a son called Jesus. As well as being God’s son, Jesus was also God himself as well as being a holy ghost (in collaboration with God).

Because the Bible is the infallible word of God, the Bible is infallible. So when the Bible suggests that the world is flat (which it does on several occasions), and the secularists…


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When is an atheist not an atheist?

Well according to Jason Lisle, an Answers in Genesis stooge, an atheist is somebody who does not believe in gods, but does really believe in gods. Or at least, of all the gods that they could choose to believe in, they all believe in just one god. Strangely enough, it's exactly the god he believes in.

Anyhow, there is something that appears recently on the Answers in Genesis website. I'm not going to bother directing you to it because this is what it really says.

God Doesn’t…


Added by Dave Godfrey on September 11, 2014 at 4:38am — 8 Comments

Creationists call Queen Elizabeth II a liar

I'll be upfront about this: I am dedicated Republican. In the UK, this means that I am opposed to the monarchy, and am a member of a campaign to have of Head of State democratically elected rather than chosen by the lottery of birth. As a Republican, I am often critical of the monarchy, and on occasion, of the Queen herself.

However, even I would balk at calling her a bare-faced liar. Prominent creationists, among them Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis, and Stephen Green of…


Added by Dave Godfrey on May 13, 2014 at 4:43am — 2 Comments

What am I going to believe? This is a question Ken 'The Lie' Ham posed a week or so back. This is my response1. Observed and observable reality. That is, anything that can be seen, touched, communica…

What am I going to believe? This is a question Ken 'The Lie' Ham posed a week or so back. This is my response

1. Observed and observable reality. That is, anything that can be seen, touched, communicated with or observed.

2. Anything that denies or defies observable reality can almost certainly be rejected.

3. The Lord of the Rings, the Narnia Chronicles, the Bible and the Discworld series are all fantasy books. They share common themes e.g. gods, magic, miracles…


Added by Dave Godfrey on February 13, 2014 at 4:19am — 4 Comments

Don't leave a space for Oscar on the mantlepiece, Eric

The latest piece of nonsense from Ken Ham attacks American Atheists for attacking a 3-D film about creation.

As we have come to expect from most atheists, they are already against a message before they even see and hear it! That’s because they have decided that no matter what evidence is before them and no matter what someone argues, if it has its basis in the Bible, it’s wrong regardless!

Well, yes. But only because anybody who reads the Bible and think it reflects…


Added by Dave Godfrey on October 1, 2013 at 5:53am — 2 Comments

The Sheer Insanity of Ken Ham

Amazing! Ken Ham chooses to celebrate an event where just about every living thing was condemned to drown,…

Added by Dave Godfrey on September 12, 2013 at 5:21am — 12 Comments

The myth of Christian persecution



Oh dear, Mr Ham. Are you absolutely unable to write anything that vaguely resembles things like truth and reality?

You write: “Of course, we can’t always rely on reporting to be accurate from newspapers for stories like this, so there’s always the possibility that we don’t know all…


Added by Dave Godfrey on July 15, 2013 at 9:55am — 3 Comments

What is an atheist?

I for one am sick and tired of the stupid, dishonest and just plain wrong things that are said about atheists by people such as Ken 'The Lie' Ham and Ray 'Banana' Comfort. So here is my personal view of what an atheist is. Feel free to disagree with any of this, it is a personal statement and you may have your own reasons for being an atheist.

What is an atheist?

An atheist is somebody who does not believe that gods exist. We have looked at the evidence for gods, found…


Added by Dave Godfrey on July 9, 2013 at 5:52am — 4 Comments

The Lie - Thoughts on the Foreword and Introduction

As promised, part one of my review of 'The Lie' by Ken Ham.

The book sets out its stall straight away. Evolution, perhaps in league with gravity, is responsible for all the evil in the world. Evil includes homosexuality, so if you are a homosexual, no matter how nice you treat people, no matter how much you give to charity, no matter even if you are a Christian; You are EVIL! But at least you can blame it on evolution.

Remember those halcyon days when there was no…


Added by Dave Godfrey on March 7, 2013 at 10:27am — No Comments

Bodie Hodge is a raving lunatic (and his God is even worse)

Even by the standards of Ken Ham and the Answers in Genesis mob, Bodie Hodge is a mad man.

Read this http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/2013/02/22/misunderstanding-god and you'll understand why I say this. Quite apart from his usual pathetic attack on atheists (we're just chemicals, you know), it at least reveals the nature of the God he (or they) have invented Here are some of the…


Added by Dave Godfrey on February 22, 2013 at 10:36am — 1 Comment

Mr Ken Ham, the Science Guy

Mr Ken Ha, BSc (possibly Hons) accuses Professor Lawrence Krauss of knowing nothing about science. “This is yet another example of a university professor who just does not fully understand science…”

  • 1984 First Prize Award, Gravity Research Foundation
  • 1986 Presidential Young Investigator Award
  • 1997 Glover Award for Distinction in Physics Achievement and Physics Education, Dickenson College, PA.
  • 2000Award for Public Understanding of Science…

Added by Dave Godfrey on February 15, 2013 at 3:30am — 1 Comment

Creation science experiments

Creationists demand that evolutionary science be subject to the most rigorous scientific tests. I would like to offer the following challenges to creation scientists. Conduct these experiments according to the scientific method i.e every step and observation/result must be recorded and must be repeatable:

1. Construct a room that is entirely enclosed so that it is perfectly dark. Without using any tools or instruments, create light.

2. Take a region of empty space. Using only…


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Evolution is Dead

On this, Darwin Day, evolution as a theory, as a science, as a subject for debate and discussion, is dead. And Stephen Green of Christian Voice is the one who killed it.

I quote "What is the evolutionary purpose, or what advantage is conveyed to the species, as a species, by the tuft on the head of the tufted duck?  And if I am allowed a supplementary or two: If there is no advantage to the species, what is the tuft on the head of the tufted duck actually for and how and why…


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Sitting Target

Ken 'The Lie' Ham has written again, displaying the soft underbelly of his ignorance when it comes to atheists or atheism. Why does this man such an easy target  of himself?

I have included salient extracts from his post.

Actually, I would suggest that atheist churches have been operating across the Western nations for a long time. By and large in the USA, public schools and secular universities have really become churches of humanism with many of the teachers…


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Atheist Poetry

Purely for pleasure, can anybody quote any atheist poetry?

Added by Dave Godfrey on February 4, 2013 at 7:58am — 1 Comment

Don't thank God, thank science

One of the creationist movement’s most pathetic attempts to discredit science has been the invention of two distinct types of ‘science’. These are,

“1. Operational Science: An explanation of a set of facts based on a broad set of repeatable and testable observations that is generally accepted within a group of scientists.

2. Historical Science: An explanation of past events based on the interpretation of evidence that is available in the present.

“The key…


Added by Dave Godfrey on January 31, 2013 at 5:24am — 1 Comment

The Lazarus Bug


"Some scientists have dismissed the finding and believe the Lazarus bacteria are contamination from modern bacteria. But the scientists who discovered the bacteria defend the rigorous procedures used to avoid contamination. They claim the old age is valid if the bacteria had longer generation times, different mutation rates, and/or similar…


Added by Dave Godfrey on January 15, 2013 at 9:56am — 1 Comment

Why are they called 'Answers in Genesis

The AiG website is full of stuff like this http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/am/v8/n1/did-it-rain

It's all speculation, mostly fantastical (watery canopy surrounding the Earth? WTF?) . The article even says "We must recognize that such models are speculative, especially if they are based primarily on what is not stated, rather than what…


Added by Dave Godfrey on January 8, 2013 at 8:59am — 3 Comments



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