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Don't thank God, thank science

One of the creationist movement’s most pathetic attempts to discredit science has been the invention of two distinct types of ‘science’. These are,

“1. Operational Science: An explanation of a set of facts based on a broad set of repeatable and testable observations that is generally accepted within a group of scientists.

2. Historical Science: An explanation of past events based on the interpretation of evidence that is available in the present.

“The key…


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The Lazarus Bug


"Some scientists have dismissed the finding and believe the Lazarus bacteria are contamination from modern bacteria. But the scientists who discovered the bacteria defend the rigorous procedures used to avoid contamination. They claim the old age is valid if the bacteria had longer generation times, different mutation rates, and/or similar…


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Why are they called 'Answers in Genesis

The AiG website is full of stuff like this http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/am/v8/n1/did-it-rain

It's all speculation, mostly fantastical (watery canopy surrounding the Earth? WTF?) . The article even says "We must recognize that such models are speculative, especially if they are based primarily on what is not stated, rather than what…


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