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So, I'll be back!

I honestly forgot about this. *knocks self in head*

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Christmas, Yule, the Solstice, Festivus, Whatever

I'm an atheist who celebrates the winter holidays. My favorite day is Christmas Eve. In the evening, lights and ceremony beckoning to the sun, enticing it to come to us with the warm red of romance and the green promise of an earthy birth in spring. Christmas day is it's return on a bright dawn of promise that settles into comfort and family.

Prior to the "War On Christmas" I was never offended by the phrase, "Merry Christmas!"

It was always a greeting is given with… Continue

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I'm back and dancing on the Yule

I've been inactive for a bit. Atheism sort of took a back seat for a bit. I did some political stuff, tried to keep up with life, etc. Things have quieted down now.

I decorated for the holidays. I love Christmas. For me it has nothing to do with religion, naturally. It's more of a beginning as the days start getting longer again. It's the light returning and the chance to get things right. It's happiness and light, feasting and drinking. My house is always decorated with plenty of… Continue

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And they wonder why we spit back

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Love of money, idols, and power

So, is there a drinking game based on how many time the candidates mention "God" and "Jebus" tonight?

I have a rant to rant and I'm just going to rant it without really editing it down...

The hypocrisy never ends in the C of C:

Paraphrasing from the New Testament, Benedict decried "insatiable greed" and said "the love of money is the…

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Welcome To The PalinDrome

I don't know if anyone else has been following this parody blog, but if not you really should. I've been following it from Day 1 and it's kept me laughing. It's always right on top of the latest media idiocy. Today's entry is fantastic.

Denali & Driller!:
Denali & Driller! So, as it turns out, the "Secret" service is actually a bunch of blabber mouths. What good is a code name if…

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Reporters never vomit and cops never cry

Strange site, interesting articles.

Abort the Noise:
The most serious flaw in anti-abortion zealotry is the illusion that a pro-life Constitutional amendment means no more abortions, or at least hardly any. Illegal abortions in great number existed pre-Roe. Negate Roe via the pro-life amendment and they will continue in great number.

Young women who find themselves in distress due to copulatory error can…

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And once they take the stage...

"Right now they haven't seen the true church. There's an underground church that the world has no idea that exists."

Well, you aren't as secret as you'd like to think. Most moderate Christians just like to deny that you… Continue

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The Big Picture

It's easy to forget what's going on elsewhere as we embroil ourselves in stuff that touches our emotional lives closer to home. The Big Picture is an excellent photo-blog. These pictures aren't political. They show the good and the bad; the happy and the sad; progress and decline. We can't forget that our nation is intimately involved with the life and death of ordinary Iraqi people. That's truly the big picture.…


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I so love Jon Stewart

I'm dead center in politics. Seriously. I'm dead center because I love facts. Both parties love to stretch the truth and sometimes even make things up. I get very angry at everyone during elections because of this. I simply don't understand why everyone can't simply tell the truth and let the people make up their own minds based on the best factual evidence available.

Yes, yes, I am living in a complete state of denial. Go ahead, make fun of me. I'm completely aware that it will… Continue

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Creationists in Canada

Though it may not have the profile or scope here that it has in the U.S., the tension between a Bible-based understanding of the origins of creation and the science of evolution evidently does not stop at the border. That positions are not as clearly (or stridently) articulated in Canada as they are in the U.S. may only reflect our national distaste for confrontation.

--->Where's Darwin? From… Continue

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Palinly Ridiculous

From the Eagle Forum Alaska 2006 Gubernatorial Candidate Questionnaire

11. Are you offended by the phrase “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance? Why or why not?

Sarah Palin: Not on your life. If it was good enough for the founding fathers, its good enough for me and I’ll fight in defense of our Pledge of Allegiance.


Someone has started a blog for… Continue

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Married to Christian Zionist

There are days (like today) when I just can't stand it. I want to wrap my bitter little hands around his throat for believing in such a murderous, sadistic concept. (Er...) How he can be so fucking idiotic and such a smart person at the same time? How do we live under the same fucking roof?

I just told him that Israel was was horrible and that the US is wrong to support Israel just because his precious Jebus might come back, and then I stormed out of the room. So, of course, he's mad… Continue

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A bikini cat fight over belief/disbelief?

It's more likely than you think.

It's obviously a commercial for the book and it's obviously satire. (Is that a religious guy peeking over the fence?). Patriarchal idiocy, fun, or both? Demeaning or stereotype busting? Good/Bad Marketing?

I don't have a problem with the ad content (production values aside), but it bothers me for reasons I can't put my fingers on at the…


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Adding another blog to my cadre of blogs

This is getting ridiculous. I feel as if I'm divided in a million little pieces. I have my blog for writing up my stuff about Lost: We're all normal here. I generally keep up with that only when Lost is actually airing. I have this community. I have a small blog for work that I kind of dislike, but keep up for appearances. I have a personal journal at LiveJournal, which is highly fractionated and very private. Now I'm starting a new… Continue

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And thus, the secular Republican turns water into wine

...and the believing Democrat is subjected to the Rovian lions.

The New Evangelicals: Like The Right, Only Broader

Heading into lift the gates of the lion's pens event, Warren was declaring that, since it is his job as a pastor to shepherd “Democrats and Republicans and liberals and conservatives and moderates” he wasn’t going to ask “gotcha questions” but…

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New Calvinist and Universalist/Multicultural Evangelicals

There is an interesting article in the Star-Telegram today about the fragmentation of Evangelicals:Religion: American evangelicals are fragmenting:

Evangelicals need to do something fast. One response says the movement must tighten up. Evangelicals need to hew even more closely to the most conservative and literalist standards of the Bible. They need to stop making…

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Political Religion: Tax Exempt Status

From: Proposition 8 and Religion in California - ToTheCenter:

Currently, in California, Propositon 8 is on the ballot to define marriage as being solely between a man and woman. While I am not surprised at this movement, what does sound alarm bells for me has to do with churches. Today, my mother went to a meeting held on church grounds, but not inside the building structure itself, where they discussed…

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Altar Boyz

The following appeared in Redwood City Daily News

..."Altar Boyz" feels like a marketing idea that was thrown together quickly and carelessly to try and make a buck. As a result, it has the vibe of a dishonest piece of commercial collaboration, like a con man turned preacher.

A marketing idea? Sounds like religion in general. A con man turned preacher? Isn't that redundant?

I… Continue

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Need another blog

Like a hole in the head. But, maybe I can use it for my more anti-theistic rants. It's just not cool to do it anywhere else.

How much does Ning link networks that you are in?

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