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Four Decades Being Here

So as I title it "Four Decades Being Here" that it relates something that I have to tell you.

I have progressed four years here and all that I have learnt is 'Friendship'. Having this a site of Atheism and its views, I would postulate that it manifested me how to gather people by friendship. Not only I have fiddled my time away in discussions but also I spent a lot of time in chatting. Meet newbies sharing their thoughts realized the reality. There are lots of people I had hung out and…


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Power Monarchy Autocracy Democracy!

I feel like one, who has nothing to lose. I have observed that how we are being ruled and ruined by rulers. But If you say anarchy, I would retort like this, "Anarchism can be the best option to bring power to warlords". As I experienced with my little brain is, our life is not a dreamland. And I shall declare it to my beloved rulers that I'm no slave and I'm not accustomed to abide those rules.

In my second ink, I wish my realistic thoughts to be explained neatly. Therefore, We have…


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All Things Are Nothing To Me

All Things Are Nothing To Me

What is not supposed to be my concern! First and foremost, the good cause, then God's cause, the cause of mankind, of truth, of freedom, of humanity, of justice; further, the cause of my people, my prince, my fatherland; finally, even the cause of Mind, and a thousand other causes.…


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No god I know is still alive -

all five thousand and seven

appear to have died.

The great god Huitzilopochtli 

led the Aztecs' divine pack -

but He departed awhile back.

Zeus was fun, and had His run, 

but while disguised as a swan,

they say, His neck got wrung.

Pluto - God of the…


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We need no god, only eachother

So this is the work of some higher being

I'm not at all impressed with what I'm seeing

A beautiful universe at distance

but explain to me it's existence

According to you, it's the work of some god

but this creation is nothing but fraud

A poorly plagiarized Van Gogh

at a price, if any, that's low

No love put in it, no matter

what the creator's claim

Excuses for his actions, lame

But you buy it all the same

Perhaps to look…


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An Untrustworthy God

Because I choose not to obey,

To words spoken in metaphors,

Left too open to interpretation,

I am warned of condemnation.

I never sought to make sense,

Of these symbols left to chance,

I will be my own creation,

The results of my own conclusion.

I am deemed self-important,

Egotistical and arrogant,

I am told I believe in lies,

As they plead to me with their cries,

And their age-old rethoric,

That leave my insides twisted and…


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