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No god I know is still alive -

all five thousand and seven

appear to have died.

The great god Huitzilopochtli 

led the Aztecs' divine pack -

but He departed awhile back.

Zeus was fun, and had His run, 

but while disguised as a swan,

they say, His neck got wrung.

Pluto - God of the…


Added by Major G on July 6, 2012 at 12:38am — 2 Comments

We need no god, only eachother

So this is the work of some higher being

I'm not at all impressed with what I'm seeing

A beautiful universe at distance

but explain to me it's existence

According to you, it's the work of some god

but this creation is nothing but fraud

A poorly plagiarized Van Gogh

at a price, if any, that's low

No love put in it, no matter

what the creator's claim

Excuses for his actions, lame

But you buy it all the same

Perhaps to look…


Added by Major G on July 2, 2012 at 12:31am — No Comments

An Untrustworthy God

Because I choose not to obey,

To words spoken in metaphors,

Left too open to interpretation,

I am warned of condemnation.

I never sought to make sense,

Of these symbols left to chance,

I will be my own creation,

The results of my own conclusion.

I am deemed self-important,

Egotistical and arrogant,

I am told I believe in lies,

As they plead to me with their cries,

And their age-old rethoric,

That leave my insides twisted and…


Added by Major G on July 1, 2012 at 2:38am — 1 Comment



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