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the trouble with god

a really good example of why no one should believe in fables .

An all-powerful perfect being creates the world, but he screws it up so bad, he wipes it out with a flood and starts over.

Somehow, flooding it and starting over didn't work, so the all-powerful perfect being gets himself born as a human, gets himself killed, and that's supposed to fix things.

But this all-powerful perfect screwup still didn't fix things, so he promises to come back and blow… Continue

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not a blog but just some facts

"The government of the United States is in no sense founded on the Christian Religion." ~ George Washington /

"I do not find in Christianity one redeeming feature." ~ Thomas Jefferson /

"The Bible is not my book, nor Christianity my religion." ~ Abraham Lincoln

/ "A just government has no need for the clergy or the church." ~ James Madison

/ "I believe in an America where religious intolerance will someday end... where every man has the same right to… Continue

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jr is not taking the high road

ill say it again

you must be careful wen you say some thing in here , first of all James Randi's account was deleted because of a copyright claim. not because of censures.

Someone filed a DCMA on this channel. Once they do that, they are required by federal law to suspend the channel and delete the video until it is resolved.

and for the person who posted on the main page saying that JM is taking the high road , well that's just wishful thinking , i saw the vid and he seams to be… Continue

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