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Where Is The Christian Forgiveness?

In my last blog post, I mentioned the reaction from my Christian friend to the atheist quotes I posted. There was quite a bit of back and forth on Facebook with basically ended with her saying, rather smugly, that I certainly don't seem very happy now that I've abandoned religion.

Of course, her point was that since I've given up religion, that's why I'm not currently happy. I replied that I'm no more unhappy than I was with I was a theist and that since life isn't perfect,…

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Crimes Against Our Humanity

The other day, I posted the following quotes on my Facebook and Twitter accounts:…


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Health Update

Great news! They did a heart catherization and my heat is is great shape! That's a relief.

Unfortunately, my wife left me a few days after this. It's a long complicated story (aren't they all), but one I'll be alluding to as time goes forward.

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Health Update

I got the the hospital for my stress test this morning. It took half an hour for them to find a good vein for the IV then another half hour to get the EKG wires attached and do the resting set of echo pictures of my heart. Then the cardiologist came in so we could start the treadmill part of the test. After asking me a few questions about the pains I'd been having over the past week, she decided that since I'd been having some instances of pain with no exertion, that stress test would be…

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Health Update

Some of you know that I was in the hospital last week with chest pains. Fortunately, all the tests were negative. Tomorrow morning I will be wired up and and forced to run on a treadmill until:

a) I reached the desired sustained heart rate for the desired amount of time

b) I have a heart attack

c) I stumble, fall and break my nose on the hand rail.
(I'm hoping for "a" but "c" is a distinct possibility. I'm…

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The Myth of the Christian Nation

I’ve written several post here ,… Continue

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Freethinking For Dummies Media Site

I'm hosting a site for atheist, skeptical and humanist audio and video clips on my personal site at http://walkfletch.com. So far there are only three things there. Amanda Knief's and Darrel Ray's speeches at the Midwest Humanist Conference, and an interview with Phil Plait, The Bad Astronomer, that I downloaded from somewhere.… Continue

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Curing The God Virus

Note- -This is a republishing of my blog entry of the same name at http://freethinkingfordummies.com/2010/09/01/curing-the-god-virus/

I am currently reading The God Virus, by Darrel Ray. I already owned his book when I heard him speak at the Midwest Humanist Conference last month, but I hadn’t really…


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