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surgery thursdays

i have come to look forward to thursdays here in e-town. thursday is surgery day, which means the local mobile vet comes to spay and neuter the intake animals here at the shelter. it's a good day- i truly feel useful, because i was trained primarily as a surgical assistant. we 'fix' around six animals every thursday- the vet that does the surgeries is, like i said, a mobile vet- that means she does not own a clinic, rather, she exclusively does house calls. she's a pretty groovy lady. she's… Continue

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in the thick of it

holy shit! i still have a nexus account!

good to know... i've got some fun stories to share with the world.

see, after graduation, i took a job in a small oklahoma town and have landed in an office run by a gun toting baptist. which, frankly, is AWESOME.

at press time, i am a little too tired to begin my narrative, but i can't wait to get to work on life in fundie filled OK.

good to know this community is alive and well!

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it's been emotional

school is back in session, and i'm back on campus for the first time in a year and a half. greek rush numbers were record high this year, so there are frat boys and sorostitutes crawling all over campus in their matching tshirts and crap... i can do nothing but grit my teeth and just think about how awesome it will be to get out of here in may.

i don't have a problem w/ the greek system per se; it's never appealed to me really, but i know some pretty cool people that happen to be in… Continue

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how to bomb a job interview

i've got two jobs- one that i've had forever and hate, and one that i've had for several months and love. every now and then i get on this crazy mission to find a newer, better job since the first one (office assistant at a grocery store) can really, really get to me. the one i love- i'm a tech for a vet clinic- pays poorly with poor hours, but i LOVE the job, so i've compromised by keeping my shitty one until i get a raise at the clinic.

anyway, i'll sporadically apply for jobs if i… Continue

Added by Cati on August 19, 2008 at 12:07am — 2 Comments

well, here goes

i saw this site recently and thought, 'sweet, a facebook for atheists'. i didn't join it then b/c i already have a facebook. seemed like overkill. but, inevitably, i keep wanting to have some place to try and work out this whole new take i have on life... just as i once sought out god, i find myself seeking to define my atheist belief system. so here it is, my own atheist epistle, possibly the first time i have ever tried to lay it out to anyone:

i am catholic-baptised but was a… Continue

Added by Cati on August 10, 2008 at 5:38pm — 1 Comment



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