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Bangladesh Minister says secular bloggers “should control their writings”

Bangladesh Minister says secular bloggers “should control their writings”

Bangladeshi secular bloggers should “control” their writings, the country’s home minister said on Sunday even as he asserted that home-grown militants and not the Bangladeshi branch of al Qaida are responsible for the grisly murder of a 26-year-old secular blogger.

Home minister Asaduzzaman Khan’s statement came days after Ansar al-Islam, the Bangladeshi division of al Qaida in the Indian Subcontinent,…


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The 13 countries where being an atheist is punishable by death

Around the world, a number of countries continue to criminalise atheists and humanists, with 13 having laws which enable them to impose the death penalty

It’s often said that the world is becoming an increasingly secular place. Just last week David Cameron sparked backlash when he used his Easter message to describe the UK as “a Christian…


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کلمه کافر در اسلام The word infidels in Islam

The word infidels in Islam

«Infidels» by Allah in the Quran is the word that has been attributed to non-Muslims.

Islam is now close to 100 sects.

And every Muslim

Each party knows its true Muslims and others as infidels.

This means that by the word of God among the people because of a fire that has flames, never no peace among human beings will not be possible.

Sedition and division…


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Marrying young girls in Islam.

It does not discuss family photos.

This man is the father of the young girl.

The wife of this man's baby!

Yes! Married men with young girls permissible in Islam.

The tradition and the way that was done by the Prophet Muhammed.

Muhammad bin Abdullah,…


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Writer, translator and Iranian intellectuals. Iran guided the pioneers of modern fiction was a great intellectual. Many researchers, the novel "The Blind Owl" her most famous and most brilliant work of contemporary Iranian literature have

Although generally known for directing and writing, but the works of great writers such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Franz Kafka, Anton Chekhov has been translated.

  Volumes of books and articles written about the writings, and the suicides of Hedayat's…


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sex slaves in dubai !

Read this carefully worded article which doesn't give any clue as to how the Ethiopian maid in question became pregnant.

How did a 12 year old boy impregnate a 28 year old woman by himself? Gang rape is a frequent crime not only in the Muslim world but increasingly in Western countries too (Sweden, Britain), too often though, it is female children that are the victims.

There is overwhelming evidence for the use and abuse of foreign workers in Arab/Muslim countries. It is…


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