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This is the world at its best...

This is what happens when the walls of indifference, politics, prejudice religion and ignorance come down.

To quote from "Starman" as this seems to put it most succinctly:

"Would you like to know what I find beautiful about your species? You are at your best when things are at their worst."…


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Pat Robertson - Asshat

Just another of the gajillion reasons why I loathe christians/christianity. If any Christians would venture in here and if this is NOT how you feel than you need to band together and tell this asshat to STFU once and for all. First some yahoo tries to blame gays for Katrina and now this wrinkled old asshole wants to tell people that the Haitians are to blame for this level of suffering? If… Continue

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Makes perfect sense...!

Sure, Tiger Woods should turn christian so that he will not be so all alone in being unfaithful to his wife. Seems lately that the christians have cornered a pretty good market on this issue.

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