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Nye vs. Ham

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have been blanketed with snow for the past few days.  Because we do not have the infrastructure to deal with said snow, we all tuck in and stay home.  Thus, we had several days with my two girls (ages 12 and 15) to enjoy board games, creative projects, and you guessed it…viewing the Nye vs. Ham debate.  I would not have opted to sit through all two hours and forty five minutes if not for the fact that we were snowed in.  

Having been…


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The Violent Atonement

Without the shedding of blood is no remission...

I do not understand how there could have been a time in my life when that statement did not seem absurd to me.  Now that the fog has been lifted, I see the absolute ridiculousness of the concept of blood atonement for the forgiveness of the sin of being a human being.  I simply cannot understand how the concept of a god that required...even craved blood could in any way make…


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Learning How to Think

It has been about three weeks since I was inspired by some unknown force (that I do not call god) to involve myself in the freethought/new atheist movement.  It began when I returned from my vacation to Northern California.  My husband and I drove from Northwestern Oregon to San Francisco, and I realized that I noticed the natural beauty in a way that I never had before.  Somehow that inspired me to google "atheist" when I arrived home.  Since then, I can't get enough of The Thinking…


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Flannel-graphs and Other Travesties

Being on my "all things atheist" kick, I have been feeling rather enraged about my own childhood indoctrination and being scared of hell.  I'm having a bit of cognitive dissonance because I can't bring myself to be angry at my parents, since I understand that they were also victims.  

I have been reading a number of blog entries and statements made by atheists, asserting that teaching children about hell is a form of child abuse.  I absolutely agree with this!  However, being…


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On Being Obsessive: Finding Community

I'm not quite sure what happened, but the last seven days have felt like I"m on to my next great obsession.  I've seen this happen on and off over my life, when a passion hits me and I just can't get enough.  I'm not necessarily thinking this is a bad thing, but am noticing a pattern within myself and feel it's worth attending.  My obsession is soaking in all things atheist.  Something happened suddenly and without warning, and now I just can't get enough of reading,…


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The Four Atheists

I have a blended family comprised of myself, my (second) husband, my 15 year old daughter, and my 11 year old stepdaughter.  As I sat with them all at dinner a couple of nights ago, I realized that our family unit is comprised of four different types of atheists.  Being new to blogging about my atheism, I am certain that there are defined terms for each subtype, but I don't know them nor do I care.  Descriptions always mean more to me than labels.

Because of my inherent…


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How Atheism (I) Helped Me (Myself) Quit Smoking

I started to smoke at 25, which was very stupid.  I was still up to my neck in christianity, but having considerable doubts.  I was in graduate school.  I was also being a very naughty girl, and somehow god wasn't helping me to be more "moral."  I would go into what I mean by "moral" now, but that will be for another post.  Suffice it to say, I was living in contradiction with my own value system.

The most interesting part about my decision to start smoking, is that I am a…


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The Master Debator

Last night my daughter and I were listening to a recent podcast from The Thinking Atheist.  Since I am new to this community, I don't know who all the movers and shakers are, but I felt that Seth Andrews conducted himself in an amazing manner during the debate.  

My daughter is 15.  Unfortunately, she had to deal with my questioning phase during her early years, and thus was victimized by some childhood indoctrination.  I am feeling some guilt about that, but am pleased that I…


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The Purpose/Reason Driven Life

I am an avid goodwill shopper.  This week I happened to discover a copy of "The Reason Driven Life" by Robert M. Price, a lovely parody of Rick Warren's "The Purpose Driven Life."  I started on my path to nonbelief long before Warren's wildly popular book came out, so I only had a vague awareness of what was written in its pages.  I was immensely enjoying Price's blow by blow responses to chapter headings, and I thought to myself, "Perhaps I will enjoy this even more if I purchase Warren's…


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The Birth of Fear


I was raised on jesus and venison in Burley, Idaho.  My parents were on their way to being missionaries when at 18 months of age, I disrupted their plans by developing severe asthma. When I think about church, holidays, communion, and Sunday dinner...I think of it with warmth and comfort.  My parent's faith felt like strength and stability.  When I remember childhood I remember walking in the door after church and smelling the…


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