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I have to share this, it's great news

So I just found out from the boyfriend's sister that their father is doing much better now. Wait, I didn't even say WHY this is good:


Alright. So two weeks ago, my boyfriend's father was hit from the back while he was on his motorcycle. He always was a responsible person(making sure he was seen while on his bike, wore his helmet and such).

Well, he was going to pick up his son(not the boyfriend, but the bf's little brother) and was waiting for the light to change. As…


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Why Men are angry and Women are confused: xposted from my FB

First, the worse thing to see when you're getting ready to write a blog entry is a banner for bug killers. Ugh, did they HAVE to use roaches?!

(sorry, I really hate bugs and vermin)


I've been doing a bit of writing today, and a bit of reading. One article(I'm thinking more of an opinion piece) was on "Why Men are Angry". And it got my brain to spinning.I'm 29 and I notice that kids(yes, we are still kids even though some of us have houses and a family...ask our…


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A small example of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results

Today, I had to have an interesting discussion with a friend from my h.s. years. He wanted to know what exactly happened at the church I went to. This is basically the story:


: So, I went to centenary, and mom had me to go to _____ when I was at _______. I didn't want to be there, because I thought some things were "off".

 I mean, the fact that the minister scoffed about people's heart/mental issues and even termed something like depression as sin should have been a big…


Added by Monica S. on February 24, 2011 at 6:55pm — 2 Comments

A really long rant on race and the american christian church

I was just thinking to myself today about the glaring hypocrisies that plague the american christian church. Apparently I was thinking a little TOO much because I got a bit of bile in my throat and a nauseated stomach. I'm thinking most of that stems from the fact that I was in the thick of it.

The first problem is the most obvious: the race problem in american christian culture. If you ask a black believer and a white believer if they are christian, they would say yes. BUT, if you… Continue

Added by Monica S. on February 23, 2011 at 3:56pm — 5 Comments

X-posted from my Facebook Accout: Planned Parenthood, Abortion, and Me

I’ll begin my note this way, I’m pro-choice. Usually when I say that, I hear the whispers of “she’s pro-abortion” or that I want little kids dead. People who supposedly have known me for years naturally assume this, because I am not staunchly on the side of pro-life.

To be honest, I think both pro-life and pro-choice are misnomers, as is the term pro-abortion. No one I have met is actually “pro abortion”. Who is for the removal of a potential life? Who actually sits there… Continue

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Why so Serious....

So I am supposed to be doing a paper for my Human Sexuality class, and yet....

I'm goofing off on here and Facebook talking about Black History Month and the like. To be honest, I don't really pay attention to it when it comes around. I mean, I acknowledge it, but I don't literally set time aside to purposefully learn about everything Black History. Doesn't mean I don't know stuff, it just means that I literally think that when it comes to history, every person(no matter what color)… Continue

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So I had so many thoughts rush through my head. And thankfully, my ever grounded boyfriend was there to help me sort through the mess.

It all began with a rant on politics. I don't want to push religion(not religious) or demand everyone wear red and black. I just want rational and functional goverment.

Boyfriend's idea: When you are old enough, run for Senate.

I looked at him like he was nuts. But I won't say I'm NOT thinking of it...But I do believe they would… Continue

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