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Vatican On The Run

Over the last few weeks, more and more of the mainstream media have been talking about the “crisis in the Vatican” or “Pope-gate.” More and more of the general public including Catholics are becoming outraged. The systematic cover-up and protection of child rapists and sexual assault on children is not easy to defend against. But they are trying.

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On Faith: Is the Pope above the law?

If the Catholic Church ended the practice of priest celibacy, would that put an end to the recent scandal? No, in fact even if the priests put an end to the practice of child rape and the systematic cover-up of such crimes that would still not end this scandal. This week, the Washington Post’s “On Faith” section addresses the issue of Pope Benedict's response to sex abuse by clergy.…


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No Churches Near Schools

There have been hundreds of thousands of reported cases of child sexual assault and child rape committed by leaders in the Catholic Church. In America, most towns and cities have ordinances which forbid “adult” themed stories and businesses from being within a certain distance from schools. Maybe there ought to be an ordinance restricting churches from being within a certain distance from schools.

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Bishop warns against Harry Potter and Twilight

When the Harry Potter series was popular, many religious leaders claimed that the series encouraged witchcraft. Some churches even organized book burnings of the Harry Potter series. The Twilight book series may be next.

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Exorcized The Demons

I love it when movies about exorcism and demons come out because those films really show just how fictional these things really are. We live in the 21st century and yet the Catholic Church is still running around chasing demons and satanic monsters.

Today I posted a story on my Examiner page about how some Bishop in Australia believes that Harry Potter… Continue

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Proving That God Exists

I know I am known for being a vocal atheist, but the other night I realized the proof for God that I just can’t deny. Now I know that God really does exist. So today I will show you this proof and see if anyone can disprove it.

Posting any more will give away the surprise.

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Poll asks if President Obama maybe the anti-Christ

While it is no revelation that America is politically polarized, the role that religion plays in this polarization is something of note. Recently, Harris Interactive decided to measure people’s beliefs about our current President. One of the things they found was that fourteen percent of all Americans believe that President Barack Obama maybe the Anti-Christ as described in the Biblical book of Revelations.…


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Profiles in Wishy Washy Beliefs: Deepak Chopra

Yesterday, I watched the ABC Nightline debate between Sam Harris and Deepak Chopra featuring Michael Shermer and some crazy lady. The subject of the debate was whether or not God has a future. In reality, the real debate was whether or not Deepak Chopra is trying to be the next L. Ron Hubbard. (Read the rest of this Article)

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On Faith: What is heaven like?

As an atheist, this Examiner is often told by god-believers that their particular view of their particular religion is the only path to Heaven. This week, the Washington Post’s “On Faith” section asks: What is Heaven like?

“What is your vision of heaven? What images - from Scripture, tradition, culture or your personal experience - best describe heaven for you?”

Modern mainstream Judeo-Christian culture tells us that Heaven is an eternal… Continue

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Do You Want To Believe?

In a recent discussion with a fundamentalist, the question was asked to me as to whether or not I wished that God existed or whether atheism was my desire. I thought this was an interesting question for a few reasons.

To start off with, the obvious fact that ones desire for something to be true has absolutely no bearing on whether or not that something actually is true. I want there to be a million dollars in buried in my backyard, but it is extremely doubtful that there actually is a… Continue

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The Atheist Jesus

Christians are always telling me about how crucifixion was the worst way for someone to be killed and that this somehow makes Jesus such a great guy/god for knowingly walking into such a painful death. This, many Christians claim is “The Passion” of Christianity. I just have to laugh.

I know that the alleged crucifixion Jesus was so horrible and everything, what with the whipping, the spear in the side, and the crown of thorns, but that really isn’t the worst way for someone to be… Continue

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I Really Just Don’t Get It

A lot of discussions that I have with religious believers (usually Christians) all come back to the same really obvious and central problem that I have with religious belief. I really just don’t get it.

Let’s face facts here, religion tells some pretty fanciful stories. If any rational person (even religious person) heard these stories in a non-religious context they would not believe them to be true. In fact, they would laugh at how obviously ridiculous these stories are.… Continue

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On Faith: Disbelief in the pulpit

It is not surprising that there are still a large number of atheists who are living in the closet. There is after all a great deal of social pressure aimed to discourage open disbelief. That pressure is much greater for those who make a living from their god-belief.

Religion is a business. There are people in the world who have trained all their lives to preach the Bible. Not all of those people are forced into a life of celibacy either. Many have families to support. So when one of… Continue

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Spreading Scientific Thinking and Secular Values

Project Reason has officially launched their video contest. The goal of the contest is to have people make videos which help to spread scientific thinking and secular values. Nine videos have been nominated, but I only think one is really any good.

Check out my top 4 picks and why

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The Free Market of Ideas

On a level playing field, good ideas are accepted and bad ideas are rejected. However, the world is still filled with bad ideas. If the premise is true and the conclusion is true, then we must assume that there isn’t always a level playing field in the free market of ideas.

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Atheist group offers to hold gay friendly prom

Recently, 18-year-old Constance McMillen has become the target of discrimination. She intended to go to her prom dressed in a tuxedo with her girlfriend as her date. The very religious school officials consider same-gender relations to be a sin and as such Superintendent Teresa McNeece told McMillen that she could not come with her female date. If they showed up they would be “ejected.”

McMillen contacted her local ACLU who notified the school that this kind of discrimination was… Continue

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God Language in our Society

Society has been so dominated by Judeo-Christian beliefs that even people who don’t believe in a god are still brainwashed into using God language. How many times have you said, “God bless you” after someone sneezes?

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Catholic Church’s attempt to blackmail Washington fails

Back in November, the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington DC gave our nation’s capital an ultimatum that if they pass laws in favor of same-gender marriage that the Church would stop many of their social service programs which would help in adoptions, homelessness, and health care. This week, the Washington Post’s “On Faith” section asks: Do religious convictions trump government rules?…


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How Out Are You?

We live in a religion dominated world. Over the last few years atheists have been more public with our lack of belief in imaginary deities. The OutCampaign has helped that a lot, but how “out” are you? How “out” should we be?

When I go out to a store or a mall, it is not unusual for me to see someone wearing a religious shirt. Often times those shirts are actually aggressively religious. It goes without saying that Christians and Jews wear religious necklaces like the crucifix or a… Continue

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Church Subsidies

Recently a Catholic School in Colorado kicked out a student for having lesbian parents. But that is not what today’s blog is about. People have asked whether or not the Church has the right to have whatever rules they want since they are a private school. Most people including atheists say sure. It may not be right, but it is certainly legal. I disagree.

Normally, I would say let the market decide. If the people in the area think this is wrong they will pull their kids out of the… Continue

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