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The Problem with the Coexist Bumper Sticker

You may have seen them on cars or t-shirts, the coexist message has become fairly popular with liberal Christians and other liberal religious people. On the surface, it sounds like a pretty cool movement, but I do have a few issues with it.

Have you seen this Bumper Sticker:

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On Aliens and Teabaggers

Professor Stephen Hawking recently stated that aliens almost certainly exist and that it is probably unwise for humans to attempt to contact them at this time. Sure, in the context of his Discovery Channel television series such a statement seems innocent enough, but what the smartest man on the planet didn’t foresee was that every news station in the country would rebroadcast his comments to teabaggers.

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On Faith: National day of prayer and controversy

The National Day of Prayer has apparently causing more controversy. The Reverend Franklin Graham, son of legendary televangelist, Billy Graham was apparently invited and then uninvited to the Pentagon to celebrate this unconstitutional event. This week, the Washington Post’s “On Faith” topic is: National day of prayer and controversy.

"Did the Pentagon do the right thing by disinviting evangelist Franklin Graham from a National Day of Prayer event next week? Should government officials… Continue

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Atheists try to create a boobquake

April 26th has been designated Boobquake Day. Women and I presume amply busty men as well, are called to wear outfits which show off their cleavage. The less modest the better, since the goal is to actually create an earthquake with nothing more than bared breast.

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On Faith: Can religion handle sex?

Lately the topics of sex and religion have dominated the headlines due in no small part to Catholic priests who aren’t supposed to have sex and yet can’t seem to stop having sex with children. This is probably why the Washington Post’s “On Faith” section asks this week: Can religion handle sex?

Judging by the holy books of the Abrahamic religions it is pretty obvious that God hates sex, but he probably loves to…

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Catholics Should Leave the Church

The Catholic sex scandal continues and the Vatican has continued to blame everyone except themselves. Most Catholics in America don’t even agree with the Pope on a growing list of important issues and yet they continue to go to church and donate money which gets funneled back to the Vatican to fight for and against issues they don’t agree with and to protect pedophile priests from getting prosecuted.

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South Park Warns Muslim to Back Off!

Yesterday was the much anticipated conclusion to South Park’s 200th episode which has been causing a great deal of controversy. While the episode didn’t depict the Islamic prophet Mohammad and did what seemed like a major cop-out in revealing that the bear-suited depiction of Mohammad was actually Santa Claus, this episode contained a coded warning to the Muslim world. …


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Warning to

It is pretty well known that Muslim fundamentalists freak out when anyone criticizes their religion or even depicts an image of their prophet Mohammad. In fact, Muslims are even known to get violent about it. Their severe reactions to such trivial things have frightened the media and the entertainment industry.

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PS This is the most dangerous article I have ever written.


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Muslim fundamentalist threaten South Park

Sunday, a fundamentalist Muslim website called, “warned” the creators of South Park that they may have already stepped over the line and that if they continue, they risk violent retribution.

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Atheist Group Allows Members To Molest Children

There is a terrible double standard going on in the world today. Could you imagine how society at large would respond if the headlines of the morning newspapers reported that the largest atheist group in the world had allowed members of their group to molest children? What if the atheist group used member donations to help those who had molested children to move to other areas of the country or even other countries entirely in order to avoid prosecution? …


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The Deathbed De-Conversion of Anthony Flew

When I was in grad school, I was already a vocal atheist and was pretty knowledgeable about the greater atheist community. One day a fundamentalist Christian friend of mine was excited to tell me that the most famous atheist in the world had just converted to Christianity. Anthony Flew was so famous that I had never heard of him.

On April 8th of this year the most famous (and possibly only) ex-atheist died. To me, Flew’s fame came more when he announced that the vague higher power… Continue

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Dreaming About Tomorrow

During the 2008 primary, I strongly opposed Barack Obama as the candidate. I didn’t buy into his message of Change and Hope. While I voted for him in the general election, I still think that he was full of shit. As a point of fact, he hasn’t changed the healthcare system or any other policy he said he would. But today I want to talk about the Hope part and how that affects the community of reason.

Recently, Obama cut the NASA budget and scrapped the Constellation project including the… Continue

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Testing The Pope’s Faith

The Pope is the leader of the largest single religious organization in the world. The Catholic Church prides itself of their strong faith in God, their Lord and Savior. Now that the Pope and the Church are in the middle of a worldwide scandal and literally a billion people are praying for them, I have to wonder if God will answer those prayers.

This really is a test of the Pope’s faith since he and the Vatican have all but ignored the actual scandal. Instead of being open to world… Continue

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On Faith: A reason for social justice

Who would have thought that the concept of social justice would be at the heart of religious controversy? Oddly enough, it is this very concept which has polarized modern Christianity. This week, The Washington Post’s “On Faith” section addresses this surprisingly controversial topic: Wallis vs. Beck: The politics of social justice.

Both Beck and Wallis are wrong!

Glenn Beck has become a household name preaching religious extremism and the evils of social justice. Those that… Continue

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Refuting Dispensational Theology

Dispensational Theology is a popular Biblical view. It is the idea that the Old Testament was God’s plan A and that when Jesus was crucified he abolished this covenant in favor of a New Covenant (plan B) in the form of the not yet written New Testament.

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The Catholic Church Practically Admits Guilt

PZ Myers had an interesting story on his blog this morning. Apparently the Connecticut legislature is pushing a bill designed to eliminate the statute of limitation on child sex abuse cases. Of course the Catholic Church is less than pleased. I wonder why?

Connecticut's three Roman Catholic bishops issued a join statement opposed to this bill which has already passed the Connecticut House. In the letter, they urge their parishioners to fight against this bill using some interesting… Continue

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Donations To The Catholic Church Protects Pedophiles

One of the main reasons why the Catholic Church attempted to cover up the abuses that their priests where engaged in was because it would ultimately impact on the Church’s bottom line. The Catholic Church is after all a business.

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Jehovah’s Witnesses vs. Staks: Round One

Last weekend two young Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on my door. While most people would probably slam the door in their faces, I was happy to engage them in conversation.

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Missed Opportunities With Jehovah’s Witnesses

I have been a vocal atheist for a long time and have had long and in depth conversations with people of many different religions and many different sects of various religions. Christianity is of course most prevalent in America and I have talked to many Christian sects. But until recently, I had never talked to a Jehovah’s Witness.

A few times I came close to talking to a Jehovah’s Witness. I remember when I was in college, I was home for the summer and a Jehovah’s Witness came to the… Continue

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Christians Have To Make Up Their Minds

Today is the Christian holiday they call Good Friday. Today Christians celebrate the alleged murder of Jesus. Christians think that Jesus was the greatest person/god ever. But if they love Jesus so much why do they call the day commemorating his alleged murder, “good?”

Most Christians will tell you that the most important aspect of their religion is the death of Jesus on the cross. They believe that the death of Jesus some how paid for the sins/wrong doing of everyone who ever lived.… Continue

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