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Tithing for Reason

One of the big advantages that religion has over the greater atheist/Humanist community is money. Christians are used to supporting and funding the propagation of their message. Many Christians even donate “their last dollar” to further “God’s Work.” In this world, money talks and so we need to start tithing for reason.

In the free market of ideas, there is little doubt that Humanist ideas are vastly superior to religious ideas. Religious people know it too and that is why it has… Continue

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Review: The Education of Shelby Knox

Awhile back I watched a documentary titled: The Education of Shelby Knox. The documentary is about a teenaged girl’s attempt to bring comprehensive sex education to the fundamentalist controlled city of Lubbock, Texas.

Shelby Knox is a Christian. Her whole family is Christian and the film portrays the city as being almost entirely fundamentalist Christian. Throughout the film, she starts to have doubts about her religion as she continues to push for comprehensive sex education in her… Continue

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Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan on church and state

President Barack Obama has recently nominated Elena Kagan as his pick for the Supreme Court. Is it a good pick? What is her record and/or

position on the issues of Church/State separation and other topics… Continue

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Being singled out again

I recent posted a blog for the second time and it was again singled out for deletion without notice. I have gone though this kind of bullshit before and because there is one asshole who decided to single me out, my blogs are being deleted while other similar blogs are not. This is bullshit. I think it is bullshit that atheists want to hate on other atheists and I think it is bullshit that some moderator wouldn't even give me the courtesy of asking for my side or for even simply informing me. I… Continue

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Atheism 101: Refuting Presupposition Theology

Various forms of Presupposition Theology have become all the rage with theists lately. The concept, simply put is that Christians must presuppose the truth of the Bible. Christians who subscribe to the presupposition concept tend to argue that atheists take reason as a presupposition and on faith. They further argue that reason presupposes a God. In other words, the reason for reason is God.

It is not uncommon to hear a Christian ask an atheist about the foundation of reason these… Continue

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Pope dishonest about Shroud of Turin

On Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI visited the famed Shroud of Turin and prayed. One can only guess than he must have prayed that this entire pedophilia scandal would disappear.

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The Sadism of Some Christians

I tend to get a lot of e-mails from angry fundamentalist Christians. There is a particular type of e-mail that I get often. This type is usually short and usually informs me that the Christian will enjoy watching me being tortured or burning in Hell for all eternity.

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