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The Deathbed De-Conversion of Anthony Flew

When I was in grad school, I was already a vocal atheist and was pretty knowledgeable about the greater atheist community. One day a fundamentalist Christian friend of mine was excited to tell me that the most famous atheist in the world had just converted to Christianity. Anthony Flew was so famous that I had never heard of him.

On April 8th of this year the most famous (and possibly only) ex-atheist died. To me, Flew’s fame came more when he announced that the vague higher power… Continue

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Dreaming About Tomorrow

During the 2008 primary, I strongly opposed Barack Obama as the candidate. I didn’t buy into his message of Change and Hope. While I voted for him in the general election, I still think that he was full of shit. As a point of fact, he hasn’t changed the healthcare system or any other policy he said he would. But today I want to talk about the Hope part and how that affects the community of reason.

Recently, Obama cut the NASA budget and scrapped the Constellation project including the… Continue

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Testing The Pope’s Faith

The Pope is the leader of the largest single religious organization in the world. The Catholic Church prides itself of their strong faith in God, their Lord and Savior. Now that the Pope and the Church are in the middle of a worldwide scandal and literally a billion people are praying for them, I have to wonder if God will answer those prayers.

This really is a test of the Pope’s faith since he and the Vatican have all but ignored the actual scandal. Instead of being open to world… Continue

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On Faith: A reason for social justice

Who would have thought that the concept of social justice would be at the heart of religious controversy? Oddly enough, it is this very concept which has polarized modern Christianity. This week, The Washington Post’s “On Faith” section addresses this surprisingly controversial topic: Wallis vs. Beck: The politics of social justice.

Both Beck and Wallis are wrong!

Glenn Beck has become a household name preaching religious extremism and the evils of social justice. Those that… Continue

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Refuting Dispensational Theology

Dispensational Theology is a popular Biblical view. It is the idea that the Old Testament was God’s plan A and that when Jesus was crucified he abolished this covenant in favor of a New Covenant (plan B) in the form of the not yet written New Testament.

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The Catholic Church Practically Admits Guilt

PZ Myers had an interesting story on his blog this morning. Apparently the Connecticut legislature is pushing a bill designed to eliminate the statute of limitation on child sex abuse cases. Of course the Catholic Church is less than pleased. I wonder why?

Connecticut's three Roman Catholic bishops issued a join statement opposed to this bill which has already passed the Connecticut House. In the letter, they urge their parishioners to fight against this bill using some interesting… Continue

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Donations To The Catholic Church Protects Pedophiles

One of the main reasons why the Catholic Church attempted to cover up the abuses that their priests where engaged in was because it would ultimately impact on the Church’s bottom line. The Catholic Church is after all a business.

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Jehovah’s Witnesses vs. Staks: Round One

Last weekend two young Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on my door. While most people would probably slam the door in their faces, I was happy to engage them in conversation.

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Missed Opportunities With Jehovah’s Witnesses

I have been a vocal atheist for a long time and have had long and in depth conversations with people of many different religions and many different sects of various religions. Christianity is of course most prevalent in America and I have talked to many Christian sects. But until recently, I had never talked to a Jehovah’s Witness.

A few times I came close to talking to a Jehovah’s Witness. I remember when I was in college, I was home for the summer and a Jehovah’s Witness came to the… Continue

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Christians Have To Make Up Their Minds

Today is the Christian holiday they call Good Friday. Today Christians celebrate the alleged murder of Jesus. Christians think that Jesus was the greatest person/god ever. But if they love Jesus so much why do they call the day commemorating his alleged murder, “good?”

Most Christians will tell you that the most important aspect of their religion is the death of Jesus on the cross. They believe that the death of Jesus some how paid for the sins/wrong doing of everyone who ever lived.… Continue

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Catholic Church Says Child Rape Not Immoral

Due to the recent string of scandals plaguing the Catholic Church, Vatican Biblical scholars have been studying the Bible carefully to find out God’s opinion on rape. They can’t seem to find any passage which states or infers that child rape is a sin. Earlier this morning, the Pope met in a closed door session with the Creator of the Universe and God informed him that child rape is not immoral.

Read the rest of this… Continue

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Vatican On The Run

Over the last few weeks, more and more of the mainstream media have been talking about the “crisis in the Vatican” or “Pope-gate.” More and more of the general public including Catholics are becoming outraged. The systematic cover-up and protection of child rapists and sexual assault on children is not easy to defend against. But they are trying.

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On Faith: Is the Pope above the law?

If the Catholic Church ended the practice of priest celibacy, would that put an end to the recent scandal? No, in fact even if the priests put an end to the practice of child rape and the systematic cover-up of such crimes that would still not end this scandal. This week, the Washington Post’s “On Faith” section addresses the issue of Pope Benedict's response to sex abuse by clergy.…


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No Churches Near Schools

There have been hundreds of thousands of reported cases of child sexual assault and child rape committed by leaders in the Catholic Church. In America, most towns and cities have ordinances which forbid “adult” themed stories and businesses from being within a certain distance from schools. Maybe there ought to be an ordinance restricting churches from being within a certain distance from schools.

Read the rest of this…

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Bishop warns against Harry Potter and Twilight

When the Harry Potter series was popular, many religious leaders claimed that the series encouraged witchcraft. Some churches even organized book burnings of the Harry Potter series. The Twilight book series may be next.

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Exorcized The Demons

I love it when movies about exorcism and demons come out because those films really show just how fictional these things really are. We live in the 21st century and yet the Catholic Church is still running around chasing demons and satanic monsters.

Today I posted a story on my Examiner page about how some Bishop in Australia believes that Harry Potter… Continue

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Proving That God Exists

I know I am known for being a vocal atheist, but the other night I realized the proof for God that I just can’t deny. Now I know that God really does exist. So today I will show you this proof and see if anyone can disprove it.

Posting any more will give away the surprise.

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Poll asks if President Obama maybe the anti-Christ

While it is no revelation that America is politically polarized, the role that religion plays in this polarization is something of note. Recently, Harris Interactive decided to measure people’s beliefs about our current President. One of the things they found was that fourteen percent of all Americans believe that President Barack Obama maybe the Anti-Christ as described in the Biblical book of Revelations.…


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Profiles in Wishy Washy Beliefs: Deepak Chopra

Yesterday, I watched the ABC Nightline debate between Sam Harris and Deepak Chopra featuring Michael Shermer and some crazy lady. The subject of the debate was whether or not God has a future. In reality, the real debate was whether or not Deepak Chopra is trying to be the next L. Ron Hubbard. (Read the rest of this Article)

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On Faith: What is heaven like?

As an atheist, this Examiner is often told by god-believers that their particular view of their particular religion is the only path to Heaven. This week, the Washington Post’s “On Faith” section asks: What is Heaven like?

“What is your vision of heaven? What images - from Scripture, tradition, culture or your personal experience - best describe heaven for you?”

Modern mainstream Judeo-Christian culture tells us that Heaven is an eternal… Continue

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