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David Cross

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An Oldie, But a Goody

I want this as a T-shirt so Bad!!

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The Unnecessary Organization of My iPod

Most of the music in my iPod are organized by Artist, Album order, and Year they came out. So you have a sense of their growth.

For example:

Black Sabbath/War Pigs/Paranoid/1970

Black Sabbath/Paranoid/Paranoid/1970

Black Sabbath/Planet Caravan/Paranoid/1970

... and so on in the exact order of the album, then their next album:

Black Sabbath/Sweet Leaf/Master of Reality/1971

... then the after that uber collection is done it's on to the next… Continue

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\m/ I KNEW IT! \m/

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Well.. Ouch!

I'm in this dating site called PlentyOfFish. Here was a guy's the first initial message:


After reading your profile I think you'll get that line and atheist = open minded. Great 

taste in music as well, Fade To Black was the first Metallica song I ever heard and its 

just beautifully written 

I have to say, I had a lot of fun reading…


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Did Shrooms for the first time....

My sister and I were at my house during Labor day and we were pretty much bored. My friend calls me to hang out in my house, I said "sure", he said he had something lined up. When he came over he asked me if I ever did shrooms. I said I never did and probably will never do it. My friend and my sister tried to convince me (even though my sister never tried it), then I came to the conclusion that I pretty much wasted my extra labor day off, and decided to do it.

The first…

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Ha! Privacy!!!

My sis has been living with me for the last couple of months. It was hard to get some privacy, when she was jobless and always home. She just took a trip to Florida with her boyfriend, good for her, we were both pulling each other's hair with petty arguments. I decided since I had all this vacation time, why not use it?

Privacy is truly underrated, when I was alone, I took it for granted. I still had hobbies and had fun, but having those few minutes alone, without work,…

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Looking up at the stars....

When we first started as a species, we were the first to realize there was a beginning and an end and there was something more to life. We looked at the stars for answers. Stars were the first usages for measurement navigation, harvesting, and many many others. Without any of the modern conveniences of today, we started to fill the blanks by ourselves. Those turned to word of mouth, and those words were exaggerated to the point in which they became myths, those myths had a following, those… Continue

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My favorite song ever...

I was going to give my co-worker a ride to her house, and when I turned my car on the song "Fade to Black" by Metallica was blasting! I was a bit embarrassed, I told her "sorry, that's my favorite song ever!" The statement caught me off guard for a second.... I never claimed a favorite song! According to my counter on iTunes, I've listened to it 4x more than my #2 song. Something about that song just does it for me!

I think it's the perfect ballad. And this was in a…

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The J train in NY

On several different occasions being on the J train, I get stuck with people preaching about Jesus. I don't care what your creedence is: Atheist, Buddhist, Odinist... JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! I mean fine, everyone has their favorite fictional characters or favorite type or propaganda, but do people that want to get to one place to another and mind their own damn business have to listen to this drivel??? Thank goodness they created the iPod. I probably stooped to their batshit crazy level hadn't I… Continue

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Road Rage

"You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive."

- quote by Steven Wright

NY drivers are assholes. It's a fact. You get cut off, tailgated in the middle of a highway, swerving, unnecessary speeding! Once your swear palette gets filled, you turn into a narcissistic impatient driver yourself. It's the nature of the beast. What video games taught me was patience which usually gets me from coming out of my car and go postal on someone, until… Continue

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The Hopeless Romantic

My sister met the guy of her dreams. I'm so happy for her it's not even funny! He's really a great guy, he compliments her personality perfectly, has a good soul, a giving person. They have this doe-eyed glee when they look into each other's eyes!

I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous of her. I've been trying for quite sometime, and I don't even have a bf! I'm starting to think I'm a bit difficult. I even had a date recently that told me that I was "too smart" for him?!? I'm not going… Continue

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My new addiction:!

Ha! I literally just wasted a whole work day on tetrisfriends. Wow! Atleast my day went fast! I haven't been addicted to a site since I used to edit Wikipedia pages!

I would love to see if anyone is on there and compare and contrast records!

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Back From Vacation

My friend had a boyfriend who was into doing more "out doorsey" things and they were going to take a vacation in New England and she asked me if I wanted to go. I was a city girl my whole life, so I quickly refused at first. Something told me to change my mind. I was going through the same mundane cycle. I needed a change for once. I said to myself "fuck it" and called my friend again to change my mind.

It was a long ride over there. A bit too long. I was getting cold feet while in… Continue

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When Prejudice Goes epicly wrong!

Nuff said

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Is TV/Film getting worse? My random Entertainment rant!

I'm sitting on my couch home, and I really have nothing to watch! I used to follow all of the HBO shows: Sopranos, Sex in the City, Deadwood, Carnivale, Six Feet Under, all fantastic shows! Now I can't even watch a second of the new ones: True Blood (the acting is sooo bad), Hung (really WTF?), never was a fan of Entourage (aka Sex in the City, but with guys). I feel HBO is lowering their standards. Just put a few sex scenes, blah blah blah, everyone will watch. I remembered when HBO put stuff… Continue

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Mu: Scarier Than Hell!

For those of you who don't know what Mu means it is japanese for "nothingness" or "no meaning". I was reading an interview with Tsugumi Ohba (creator of the manga "Death Note") and he believed that when you die you go to Mu, in which it makes sense in an Atheistic point of view:everyone dies the same way, no right or wrong, you are like before you were born.

He had an interesting concept that actually disappearing to Mu is scarier than going to heaven or hell, because the result is… Continue

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