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Finally! CA SB323 pressuring BSA not just over gay ban, but atheist ban, too!

Although I'm glad to see pressure across the country on the BSA about their gay ban, what bothers me is that I think they will probably drop it in the next year, and then everyone will be satisfied and ignore the fact that they ban atheists too.

So, I'm glad to finally see more attention on the religion side.  Kudos to Sen. Ricardo Lara of San Diego on SB 323.

If anyone knows how we can support…


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Where he belongs - my response

I have one fb friend who posts tons of religious garbage and also happens to fall for every other internet hoax, such as the old "Craig shergold make a wish foundation".  Usually my counterpoints go unanswered, and it looks like this one might stay like this as well.  My reply is pretty tame, and I think it needs to be to reach people.  Nonetheless, I'm curious how you would have responded.  Also, this is a headsup, as this one will probably continue to make the rounds.…


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Boy Scouts Discrimination Against Gays & Atheists

After happily signing a petition to Intel that they quit funding Boy Scouts due to their policies against gays, I thought "Hey, what about us atheists?!"  My fear is that the BSA will relent on their anti-gay stances, and then everyone will forget about the fact that you have to believe in the supernatural to be a leader or boy scout.  I'd like to see both policies get dropped at the same time.

It's good that the petition was successful, though, and there may…


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Speech by former Christian Scientist against the religious exemption

Help me out here...  One of the most moving speeches I've heard was by a lady who was raised by Christian Scientist parents telling the story of how she hurt her leg as a young girl, but, because it went untreated (except, supposedly, by prayer) has now lost use of that leg.  I believe the speech was at an AAI or Secular Coalition conference, but can't find it now.  I believe the speech was a plea to drop a religious exemption from properly treating children.  Sorry I don't have more clues,…


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Annotating a bible

Someone, probably on here, once suggested reading the bible really slow and making notes every time you find something morally objectionable.  That sounded like a good exercise, since every time I've read the bible it went in one ear & out the other.  Too boring or too bizarre, I guess.

But, before I start doing this on paper, I thought I should consider an electronic version.  Easier to carry around, more permanent, easier to search, ...

Does anyone know of…


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Creation Museum # 3 on places to visit?

PZ Meyers has this blog post...  http://freethoughtblogs.com/pharyngula/2012/02/15/the-poll-of-childhood-pain/ pointing out that the Creation Museum is getting pushed into the top 5 on "15 Places Kids Should See Before 15".

I'm voting daily for Yosemite National Park at…


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Pointless Laws and Dumb Laws

A facebook friend of mine who is a minister happens to be posting "dumb laws".  I'm not sure where he's getting them, but what an opening for me!  I'd like to post a few in response.


His latest...

Pointless Laws and Dumb Laws:


Throwing eggs at a public speaker could result in up to one year in prison. (What about tomatoes?)…


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atheism definition

(Sorry if this topic has been beat to death in a million other posts & blogs on AN, but here it is again anyway...)


I'm a bit hung up on definitions of atheism at the moment.  Such a basic word shouldn't be this fuzzy.

After pissing a bunch of people off by telling them that atheism technically means "lack of belief in existence of thesitic gods", but does not necessarily mean "belief that theistic gods definitely don't exist", I find that it's pretty hard to…


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Oops - My minister friend should proofread his fb posts

A friend who is a minister posted the following on facebook.  He's a very liberal minister, so I don't have a problem with him believing what he wants to.  And I won't point out that he just thanked god for killing thousands of innocent people.  I'll munge the church name so it doesn't show up if my friend googles his church name...

Remembering and Thanking God for those who were killed 10 years ago today. At XYZ Christian in…

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Bad attempt at a joke...

Saw this post from a friend (who I'd guess doesn't seriously believe in god anyway).  I'm guessing the moral is that there shouldn't be freedom of speech.  It's hard to reply to something so stupid, but I'm interested in hearing your ideas...

A College Professor stood on his chair and said, "If GOD really exists, knock me off my chair." Nothing happened. The class was quiet. He said "See? I'll give it a couple more minutes". A Marine…

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Partially thanks to FFRF's Freethought Radio podcast, I have Lennon's "Imagine" stuck in my head a lot these days.


So, I figured that was a perfect use of a free MP3 download I got from Amazon.  As I checked out the preview on the first 15 or so versions, I notice that none start with "Imagine there's no heaven."  They all start w/ "above us only sky."


Cowards.  :-)

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Jesus' Skin Color?

I think I saw some Book of Mormon quotes having to do w/ fair skin, and have been thinking a lot about how the average christian really thinks Jesus, if he existed, looks like those pictures hanging in their church. Also, I use a jehovah's witnesses flyer showing a well-groomed, very white Jesus as a bookmark on my atheist/skeptic type books, keeping this in the forefront of my thoughts.


So, I was hoping my friends here can give me a better view into what he would really have…


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Loving v. Virginia, decided June 12, 1967

I have the text below queued up for a facebook post on Sunday June 12.  I'm hoping that theist fb friends will point out that it is unfortunate that appeals to god are misused, allowing me to take it to modern issues such as gay marriage.  Any comments? 



Civil Rights Lesson for this day in history...


The judge who convicted them of…


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Our Responsibility to Defeat Barbaric Islam and Communism

Ok, I don't have the exact quote, but the retired Navy chaplain who spoke at our town's memorial today basically mentioned those two items as being the job of our military.  I don't recall him saying that our military is there to protect our nation or national interest or help our allies.  Naturally he followed this with a quote from Ronald Reagan.


The bright spot in this was that my 15 yr old son picked up on this and was able to make fun of him.


Next year I…


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Religion in the 2012 Presidential Race

In this article on the race for the presidential nomination, religion figures prominently.  Two contenders are controversial because they're mormon.


"Evangelicals who dominate the Iowa and South Carolina nominating contests are unlikely to back Romney or former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman; some call the two men's shared Mormon…


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