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Can faith heal depression.

Short answer: No.

Long answer:

It is one thing to question what an illness is, and how it manifests itself. It is quite another to challenge its existence in the face of evidence armed only with faith in the supernatural. However, this is what Channel 4 deem fit for public consumption, despite the consequences. Sufferers of depression have enough to deal with when it comes to being accepted by society as genuinely “suffering” from a condition without having that…


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Neuroscience of the afterlife

What interests me most about people who believe in an after life, is that most of them believe that the brain has some control over our functions. Tell them that a person can no longer talk, read, write, reason properly, or remember things due to a brain injury (i.e the damage to/death of part of the brain) and they will understand, and accept the science behind it. However, when the brain completely dies, and therefore so does the human being,…


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