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Update on the conversations with my sister Tina.

Hello fellow atheists,

Sorry, another long one…


In the past weeks I had some more conversations with Tina. It is good to mention here that, up until now, all these conversations are led by Tina. Sometimes I instigate a discussion, but I give her the power to steer the topics. I am trying to keep it that way, so she does not feel attacked. Nine out of ten of the topics we discus are brought up by Tina.


A world without religion.



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Specific question I would love some help with

Hello fellow atheists,

I have posted an attempt at a question on Facebook (in a private group). Reading and answering the comments, I distilled the question I was trying to ask:

Tina is kind of asking me: "why would I give up my Christianity, regardless of if it is true or not, when it makes me feel good and comforts me on this trying earth?". I would love to shout at her: "because you are telling your children they're born sick and need to feel bad about themselves…


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Conversations I've had with Tina

Hello fellow atheists,

Sorry, this is going to be a long one…


In the Bible-study I led, my sister was quite silent. One of the things she did reacted to was my remark that: people raised in India are very unlikely to believe in Jesus. She vehemently disagreed: “God would reveal Himself to them too”.

It became clear fast, that she never really peeked outside her protective Christian bubble. This fact compelled me to start with goal three and I have been trying…


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Reasons to talk to my Christian sister

Hello fellow atheists,


As I said, for about two years my feeling, that I had to do something, grew. Until two month ago, when suddenly my sister, Tina, told me her bible-study group was out of discussion material. I asked her if she would allow me to write an introduction for her bible-study group, knowing I was a non-believer. A couple of weeks later I read an introduction asking the group if loads of animal sacrifices, culminating in the sacrifice of a demigod, was…


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Bar Weinig introduces himself (wow, third person...)

Hello fellow atheists,


Short introduction:

I am a 38 years old Dutchman. I was raised in a Presbyterian (Gereformeerd Vrijgemaakt) family. My parents, three sisters, with two brothers in law are still very fundamentalist Christians and they have at this moment four children with two on the way. My two little brothers and myself are non-believers and I would say humanist. I am very close to my two brothers and to the middle sister. Let’s call her Tina.…


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