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Mega-church Part III

I went back to the church a few weeks later to hear about how god is the only foundation for absolute morals. Hoo boy, let me tell you about that one! From this visit, I learned something very important. I learned that this church is set up in a way that does not allow for any sort intelligent discourse. The first visit was an interview, so I did not think it was representative of the church’s usual Sunday meetings. But this Sunday was a typical Sunday meeting of people with like interests who… Continue

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Mega-church, Part II

This church is doing a lecture each Sunday this month on what they are calling Mythbusters. Mythbusters is actually a popular show on the Discovery Channel that is dedicated to debunking real myths such as the paranormal and miracles. I am very certain this church did not have permission to use the copyrighted “Mythbusters” name for their sermons. The church has entitled their “myths”: “Evolution is a fact, not a theory, Humans can be moral without God and Science and Christianity are… Continue

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Writing about my experience a t a large church...

I am going to do this in 3 separate posts, because it is rather lengthy. it covers my 2 visits to a big 'ol church somewhere in the Western U.S. Out of respect for the pastor, who has been nothing but nice to me, I will let the church remain anonymous. Here goes....

I went to a big box church twice in February. I had never been to a church like this. It was, well, kind of surreal, a little bit disillusioning and quite a bit sad. The building is huge. I had expected this as I had seen… Continue

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