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Not Available in All States

Ban this Phrase: Not Available in All States

With apologies to Billy Mays, why do advertisers and marketers use the phrase “Not Available in All States”? This phrase, submitted by a reader, has the total opposite meaning than what it should have and has to be one of the stupidest phrases devised by marketers and businesses, and no doubt lawyers as well, since all the states became the United States.

Now wait! Before this article is over, YOU WILL WANT TO KNOW what to do… Continue

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Stand Up & Be Heard!

Darwin 09. Darwin 200. The Evolution Revolution. The Year of Evolution. Or, as AAI President Stuart Bechman calls it, The Year of The Darwin. Whatever you call it, 2009 is a big year for atheism. You could say it’s our coming out party. Two hundred years ago this February 12th the man called Charles Robert Darwin was born, and fifty years later—one hundred fifty years our past—he would publish a work so monumental, and with the evidence to back it up, that the world would never be the… Continue

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A Christian May Be Atheists’ Best Friend

January 20, 2009. Like many people in America, if not most of them, and along with people around the world, I watched as Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. Yes, he did add “so help me God” at the end of Chief Justice Roberts’ fumbled prodding, but he made up for this just a few minutes later. Listening to his inauguration speech as I was writing, did I heard him say “and nonbelievers”?

Did I hear right? After I did a double-take and nearly twisted… Continue

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