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#twitterblackout today January 28 2012

Since i am o ff twitter today, i figured i would blog a little in a bit more than 140 chars. So here we go. Twitter is a great way of active social interaction between people, even between people from a very divers cultural and geographic backgrounds. Add to that, that this cultural interaction takes place in a very public space that is equally available directly to the "followers" of the individuals taking…


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2011 - 2012 A new year ...

Since i skipped 2010-2011 year end blog entry, for some obvious reasons, some of them being not having anything outstandingly  positive to say, that is only balanced out by not having anything outstandingly negative to say either, here is a link to my 2009-2010 blog and the comments that it had collected since :-)  2009-2010-a-new-year  Now that we have the distant past out of the… Continue

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2009 - 2010 A new year

Well, after arguably enduring the worst decade in the last 50 years. My hopes are that, the next decade would be slightly better. 2009 was a sick year full of false hope and plenty of disappointment, anguish and agony. But merely putting forth a packet of good wishes will not change a thing. I am not very optimistic about the future, how do you think?

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2012 the movie ... !! Spoiler Warning !!

So I did go and watch the movie. Got my cotton candy and bottle of water, took a seat and waited through the endless stream of advertisement before the movie starts, while the guy next to me was solving his life's issues on the phone, rather loudly I might add. Fortunately he hung up as the movie started.

So here is what I liked:

* The CGI was very well done, some asked me how it compared to Independence day... I think it is better, quite a bit better, and a lot… Continue

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Atheist on the trail

One of the most difficult aspects of starting a blog, is of course, making your first article. The dilemma of finding a subject to start and give and initial push to your blog, is likely the biggest factor stopping many of us from blogging in the first place.

That said, I think I have managed to clear this hurdle, now to the docile task of picking a subject and blogging about it in a concise and clear manner. And hopefully enjoying the feedback and the comments resulting from the… Continue

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