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To the anti-carbons

This is harsh. I'm saying it because it really seems people don't realize.

Easy for you to say, "stop coal" while you enjoy your coal electricity, your coal vegetables, your coal appliances, the coal in your walls, curtains, clothing, pet food, dishes, flooring, automobile, roads, ink, paper, toiletries, denim. Every single solar panel with costs under $1/watt are entirely dependent on coal pfft "green" power.

And oil. How many hundreds of plastic objects do you own? Cell…


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Brexit predicts Trump victory

Election predictions are so facile and plebeian but I'm going to indulge just this once. 

Politically I am so far on the edge of the bell curve as to nearly be off the chart. I follow politics with great interest because it is the most vital philosophical subject today. From the Greek word polis meaning city it has a secondary meaning: the citizenry. Metaphysics is the study of reality. Epistemology is the study of knowledge. Ethics is the study of how an individual should act.…


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Worksheets from Florida Public School

A friend of mine (I'll call him D.B)  is a high school student at a public school in Florida. He's a believing Christian. In a recent conversation he aggressively asserted that he no longer believed evolution was valid having been persuaded by his teacher. He badly summarized the worksheets that persuaded him. The worksheets were given by his biology teacher to the students. I asked him to send me a few photographs. This is what he sent me. …


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The Jesus Trope

    The Jesus trope is harmful and atheists should stop buying into it. 

    Mormons don't glorify the crucifixion the way some other faiths do. I was Mormon and recall being mildly disturbed at the grotesque death of Jesus. I was far more disturbed at the depiction of the suffering of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. His pores said to have bled as he took on himself every sin of every person dead, living, and yet to be born. For which we are said to be eternally in his…


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Why voting sucks

"Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others" - Winston Churchill

It's a totally screwed up rendition of the "Abilene paradox" where when you vote you accept the idea of the winning party ruling over the losing party and therefore everyone loses.  Not to mention it is a rather barbaric idea that our modern enlightened highly educated society would accept the idea that there must always be a loser who is oppressed by the winner.

I don't accept this…


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Scouring the Shire

One of my favorite pieces of literature is the last chapter of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Despite Tolkien's famous dislike of allegory the fact is that his stories resonate so strongly in us because of their multifaceted ie. allegorical nature. In the story, the heroes return victorious only to discover their homeland overtaken by the very philosophy against which they were fighting. What sets the heroes apart from their native cohabitants is two fold: perspective and…


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A Gripe: Unsafe Driving

Does anyone else share my general gripes about unnecessary passing?

On the highway,  driving 59 MPH instead of 60 only costs you 1 second for each mile you drive. Go slower and save money, gas, and (groan) the environment. If it only means seconds, just slow down for a few miles instead of passing.

Hate it when people pass and then immediately hit the brakes in order to turn off of the road. They didn't save themselves any time, yet increased their vehicle wear, increased the…


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Personal Responsibility

When I was seven the tradition was that when my dad got home was that he would spend some time unwinding by sitting in the big chair near the entry. We kids would crawl all over him, rough house a bit, unlace and remove his massive steel toed boots and socks. One day after we'd worn him out thoroughly and my little brothers  had departed to play elsewhere we somehow had a conversation that went very much like this. 

Dad:  I can't force you to do anything. 

Me:  Yes you can. I…


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10 hours of street harassment

The video

From the video:  

"100+ instances of verbal street harassment took place within 10 hours, involving people of all backgrounds. This doesn't include the countless winks, whistles, etc."

They absolutely caught loads of bad behavior on…


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Police steal photos

From this article in The Atlantic:

After an automobile crash, a young woman suspected of drunk driving was getting checked out for injuries. A California Highway Patrol officer, five-year veteran Sean Harrington, had her cell phone. He found a photo of her in a bikini. So he allegedly sent the image to his own…


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What is your favorite bible verse?

Mine is Isaiah 5:3-4. Lots of beautiful stuff in Isaiah.

"And now, O inhabitants of Jerusalem, and men of Judah, judge, I pray you, betwixt me and my vineyard.

What could have been done more to my vineyard, that I have not done in it? wherefore, when I looked that it should bring forth grapes, brought it forth wild grapes?" 

This is god inviting us to judge him upon his performance. Why, thanks very much god! I adjudge you a terrible filthy…


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Resisting Win-Win

Just some off-the-cuff thoughts here. I've particularly been noticing when people in my life are resisting win-win solutions. My reaction is that I want to scream "Why do you resist that? It is best for everyone and particularly great for you! Are you insane? What is your malfunction?"

But this flits through my mind in a quarter second and then I return to normal. I remember the long process that I went through in learning how to think.

There is a latent but ever present fear…


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"Yes Means Yes" bill really means "No"

Full text of SB-967 from the California Legislature site

The bill puts upon the accused too strong an onus. From the bill, signed into law just now: 

not valid excuse ... if the accused knew or reasonably should have known that the complainant was unable to consent to the sexual activity:

(A) The complainant was asleep or…

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Six Californias


I don't know all the details but I think balkanization could be really good for self-governance here in the United States. It could result in smaller and more responsive service. 

There are of course issues unique to each…


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Rape Fantasy

Many years ago I was dating a girl. One evening things between us were proceeding as they naturally do between two people who are attracted to each other. Things were quite hot and we were down to our underwear. I was removing her panties.

"Stop" she said. 

I did. We lay beside each other, eyes into eyes. A very intimate moment. She finished undressing me, with some unmentionable activity. I started to reciprocate.

"Stop" she said. 

It was our 6th date, we hadn't…


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Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Referencing this article, does anyone else find this whole situation completely retarded? The supreme court judges are debating the wrong issue!

No one would object to participating in a health plan voluntarily. It is wrong to use force to coerce any one.

The Christians are right, but for the wrong reasons. Irony abounds. 

And now we have…


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One nation under God

When I was a kid I was taught the pledge of allegiance. It was explained to me that some ideas are so important that it is good to repeat them by rote. Each day before school we stood before the flag and put our hands on our ribs, saying the pledge:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag, and to the republic for which it stands,"

This statement is deceptive in that it claims unconditional allegiance is patriotism, but actually it is serfdom.

"One nation under God,"



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Blaming the victim?

Is culpability absolute or is there a sliding scale? Can the victim and the perpetrator share culpability? If commission of 1 crime always results in 1 culpability, but the perpetrator is only responsible for .8 culpability who owns the rest? What about in a 50/50 situation? 

Homicide law in the western rules reflects a wide variation in culpability as reflected in the types of murder: homicide, manslaughter, 1st degree, 2nd degree, involuntary, self defense, and so forth. These…


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Evaluating Threat

This is an incomplete thought experiment. It should go without saying that it isn't rigorous or backed up by anything except 'common sense', whatever that is. In this post I'll examine a scenario by changing variables individually in series. Is there an alternate interpretation of the scenario? Are there variables I haven't considered? …


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My daughter's world

After ruminating on this issue for several months I'm openly declaring that for my own sake, for the sake of my daughter(s), nieces, and females everywhere I will no longer hinder women by being silent regarding harmful aspects of feminism. The women that I love and respect deserve better. It is education that changes the world, therefore:

I will teach my daughter about sex privilege. Both sexes have accepted via tradition…


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