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I am very reluctantly asking for some help here. Please check my gofundme page and read the email my friend Chrys Stevenson wrote on my behalf. If you are able and willing, any help you can give is m…

I am very reluctantly asking for some help here. Please check my gofundme page and read the email my friend Chrys Stevenson wrote on my behalf. If you are able and willing, any help you can give is most…


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Anything's Possible?

Why do people say that? Maybe, for some, it’s just a throw-away phrase, something that seems agreeable and supportive to say to fill in an otherwise blank conversational space. I wonder if there are people who actually give it serious thought and actually believe that anything really is possible? Maybe. Some people are just unconnected to reality. How many people have been injured or killed jumping off high places because they genuinely thought they could fly...maybe,…


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Pat Condell on Islam

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Koran Burning

Here’s why I support burning a Koran. First, you should note I don’t say THE Koran. That’s an important distinction. Along with most other liberals, I am totally opposed to burning and banning books with the intent of stamping out ideas. If there were only a few Korans in existence I would be fighting to get as many copies made as humanly possible. In most cases those days are long past...in the current age of the Internet, web pages, Wikipedia, tweets, etc. it’s close to impossible to “stamp… Continue

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There are many things of which a wise man might wish to be ignorant. There is truth in the old saw about ignorance being bliss. Yet, one cannot unring a bell. Once the silence has been shattered by the clanging, the echos resound forever...or until Alzheimer's. Prepare for a cacophony.

There are many things for which I'm thankful, and I have no problem saying so...even directly to the people to whom and for whom I am thankful. But this alleged holiday, like all the others, really pisses me…


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Holiday Wishes

Holiday Wishes

The origin of "holiday" is a melding of "Holy" and "day"; a day set aside for special or particular religious observations or rites. Now there are many holidays, some religious or with religious ties, some completely secular. For many these are simply socially acceptable opportunities to temporarily free themselves from economic slavery. This fact alone should cause one to…


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Death of an Atheist

Death of an Atheist

I was born in the Springtime

In the Winter I will die

The Harvest Moon is shining

As my time draweth nigh

I brought in some sheaves, I guess

Though now I don't rejoice

For to embrace religion is to

Silence freedom's voice

The cool chill of Autumn's wind

Slithers down my spine

The harbinger of death I hear

Whisper through the Pines

I do not stand and quake in fear

Or call out to a god

No more down…


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As Evening Falls....

As Evening Falls...

Fade in:

It's early evening on the first day of August, down in Georgia. It's sticky as usual but not burning hot and, after supper, El Solo Lobo is in the porch swang, Rebel Lobo sets the rocking cheer a-going and over the sounds of the crickets they ruminate on the day...

El: Yeeeeeah, hit were a good day. Had some o' mah lady friends come by to chat.

Reb: "Yeah? Where was I?"

El: Oh, who knows Reb, hell YOU don't even…


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On Human Nature

"Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones." Psalm 137:9

I sometimes see this quote used by my fellow atheists to say, "See, how horrible religion is?" I agree that most of religion is horrible, but it is not the origin of such things as "bashing thy little ones." It has merely incorporated such things. The origins are far older than any religion...…

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A Rumination

A Rumination

You know you're getting old when you can reasonably come out with some version of, "Why, back in my day...." This has no particular purpose really... just an ol' geezer settin' on the front porch wool-gathering aloud. Never quite understood that one - never had much like for wool myself, bein' a Southerner an' all. Odd to think I was doing some things while a few readers here weren't born yet.

Does the term…


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Goodbye Momma

Goodbye Momma

I thought of momma today. And many others I have seen and met over the years. Some very good, some very bad. Some mothers are very kind and loving, some full of hate and pain, some are there as a chair is "there", some not there at all. I know of someone whose mother put on a nice clean dress, went onto the front porch, lay down and blew her brains out. I was very fortunate. Mine was the very kind and loving sort. Momma didn't live…

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Beliefs & Choices Part Two

Beliefs & Choices

Part Two

After I had gotten away from Jehovah's Witnesses, then from religion in general, and had shared stories with others of how it was like coming out of a cave you had been in all your life, and after reading Ingersoll's eloquence on how he felt upon become free of belief in gods, I was absolutely flumoxed by how people could believe such stuff as religion even AFTER being shown how illogical it was. How stupid could…

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Beliefs & Choices Part One

Beliefs & Choices

Part One

I like inspiring. Really. When you read or hear or see something inspiring, it often gets you a rush of chemicals that make you feel good, feel... inspired! And this usually makes you want to DO something! To save the world! Or at the very least your little section of it... to make things more like they ought to be. Sometimes you can get a law passed or get one repealed or a mess cleaned up. You might do a…

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Precious Hours

Precious Hours

Sometimes I wish I had never been born

Into this world of troubles and pain.

But then I wouldn't have known

The beauty of an early morn

Or the gentle caress of Summer rain.

I wouldn't have seen the grass so green

Or the azure blue of the sky.

I wouldn't have heard the songs of the birds

Or the children asking why.

Sometimes I feel so confused and lost

In a world of misery and fear.

But, given the… Continue

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Atheist Preacher

Atheist Preacher

I've decided I really would like to be ordained...again. I was ordained many years ago when I was in my "leave no stone unturned" phase of looking for God. At the time, I did it primarily for the purpose of seeing for myself whether or not being a real ordained minister carried with it any special knowledge or revelation not available to the laity. In a way, it did. I found that he wasn't under that stone either.

There are always…


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