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The bottom is ... behind you.

Pun intended, but the market is rebounding in housing starts. Interest rates are rising, and housing prices are stabilizing rather than dropping. Assessments might still come down a bit if there are more foreclosures in 2011. But, growth in the market at todays rate could absorb some foreclosures, it just remains to be seen how regulations will affect things.

At any rate, there's those puns again, the bottom was last year. It's only going to get MORE expensive to buy housing. THIS is… Continue

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NWREG.US! The Atheist Real Estate Broker!

I don't trumpet the fact due to the fact that still too many people do business based on their belief system, but if Atheists could get me going further along in real estate I'd be proud to declare myself a secular broker.

I have houses listed that are selling for half the assessed value. There are houses right in Seattle for less than $200K. With record low interest rates, and record low housing prices, there isn't a better time to buy.

You can get a 2nd or 3rd house… Continue

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Under the -know thy enemy- doctrine:

Jordan Maxwell

Dangers of religion?

Origin of Jehovah:…


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An Atheist SciFi novel, and a poem for you.

Worlds shortest science fiction story:

Check out Captain Blood: 2000 on!

Every purchase donates a portion to Atheist… Continue

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the Evil Atheist Conspiracy inc.

I post relevant and interesting atheist articles on reddit via the EAC sub-board.

There are atheists. They[we] do conspire. As far as theists are concerned, we're evil, and if evil is the denial of god and godliness, then I'm as evil as they come. I rejected faith in a conference with the local Bishop whilst only 8 years old. I played along for many years, to make friends, keep jobs, and so on, but never gained anything from this game. In fact, playing along only caused me more… Continue

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