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Disappointed by Newt Gingrich

Happy New Year- United Under One wishes all of you a happy and healthy 2012. 

As this new year begins and the 2012 election is coming up, I decided to educate myself about our candidates so that I can be an educated voter next fall.  I just finished the book "Winning the Future" by Newt Gingrich which convinced me that any hope I had for him becoming a strong candidate was just that, a hope.  In his book, Mr. Gingrich expressed his thoughts on politics and religion, and those were,…


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Christpher Hitchens - The Element of Truth

"Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way." - Christopher Hitchens

To a believer, they are probably saying, "good ridden" to Mr. Hitchens.  Its sad to think about (for them) because look at the Republican debates.  If we dig to find out where all the tyranny began... it began with religion.  Point being, if the leaders in this country would listen to an…


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Ron Paul

Ron Paul seems to be a true libertarian and he's been on my radar quite a bit.  He's short on backing and he's pretty tall for a short man.  He certainly, in my opinion, has a chance if people get to know who he is.  We are not responding as Republicans or Democrats however, or making political choices, we're responding to the pronounced theist presence emerging square in our face from the current list of candidates.  The fact that the President has a total of 14 Christmas trees and is…


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I am asking for your help.  I have been watching the Republican debates and what’s at the forefront is not what’s best for the country, its not creating jobs.  It’s discussing how Obama is not religious enough.  It’s discussing who is seeks the Evangelical vote.  It’s discussing who’s going after the tea party vote.  We were meant to have separation of church and state.  This is outrageous!  People are afraid to live their own lives.  We’re being run by a nation of cowards hiding behind…


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What Would You Label Charlie Sheen As?

Bill Clinton had an affair, John Kennedy had an affair, Roosevelt had an affair, and Mr. Cain had a 13-year friendship.  I wonder if those words are synonymous.  J Edgar Hoover had an affair in taking away our freedoms strongly against homosexuality and we know what his life was all about don’t we.  Hypocrisy is put behind and covered by the morality and religious thoughts.  We believe at UUO that all humans have misgivings and frailties, and have made mistakes, but maybe we should applaud…


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The Christian System Delivers Wealth??

If you’ve been following the TV news channels and the print newspapers for the last week, I hope you’re as offended as I am in seeing the frequency that FOX, CNN, and others are reporting the strength of the Christian Movement for this campaign for Republican hopefuls.  It would be insane for us to lie back and not protesting against this obvious increase in relative control.  We should stand up and cry fowl.  Look at these leaders pontificate how faith and prayer is part of their decision…


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To Our Members and Nonmembers Alike:

We take this time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s to bring up a very serious issue, or group of issues.  We hope that the questions we begin to ask will be answered with sincerity and your thoughts of solutions. We hope to pass this letter along to as many people as possible, so that United Under One can put together a platform to send to Washington, prior to the campaigning for the next presidential election.  It’s important that these issues…


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Cain Can Screw The Whole Country, Not Just His Life

Question, should a presidential candidate run without full disclosure and force America, if elected, to potentially look up to the vice president to run the nation?  I am, so far, a cancer survivor and indeed to continue to be a cancer survivor.  As you know, Herman Cain claims to be a cancer survivor, but not many people know what type of cancer he has.  If its stage 4 cancer as some people have stated, that’s pretty serious and I think the public must know, so that they know what they are…


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The World Is Desperate For Leadership

Last night I went to a gathering with friends to celebrate the life of a 31-year old surfer who died from a rare disease. Most of the people attending the gathering in celebration were free thinkers and Buddhists, which made for interesting discussion and celebration of a life of a liked and giving man. Believe it or not the topic that came to the fore at about 8 o clock at night was how desperate the world seems for leadership, and that everywhere including the US seems to have people who…


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Friends Come In Many Different Forms

For the last nine years, there have been nine of us, a mixture of men and women who work out every morning from 6:30 – 8:00, 7 days a week.  We talk about politics and sports.  We laugh about how meaningless television is and we keep realizing that what’s real to us at that moment is working out together, sharing a laugh, sharing a story, and we have in fact created our own little world.  Greg took center stage because his personality was like a switch that turned on the light, his never…


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The Press and Due Process

It is our belief at United Under One that people are innocent until proven guilty, and in the United States, we have a court system to address these issues; Its called “due process”.  Most of our nation, “Under God” and “In Divisible”, is trained to believe that due process, takes place in the newspaper and in the media, where perception is king, not reality.  Isn’t it strange that a presidential candidate is being accused in the press and in the papers 14 years, or thereabouts, after an…


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What If.....

We all know that full disclosure of your financial base and your background is an important part for running for public office in this country.  I wonder if a person who won the Nobel Peace Prize, the Pulitzer Prize for many books, who was the head of many charities, supported the Make a Wish Foundation, and in the press, was the leading candidate for Man of the Year.   In addition to all of this, humility prohibited him from telling anybody that he won the Congressional Medal of Honor while…


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Is Cain's 999 Really an Upside Down 666?

We at United Under One are watching all parties during these months of politic-ing around the nation, in preparation for the current elections and the national elections to come shortly.  We live in the United States of America, but what I am about to say, does not only apply to this country, but to all countries.


Other than the Bill of Rights, every American was to be born free with government having no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting anybody’s…


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Sex For Sale

I was at a doctor’s office recently, watching several women going through unnecessary plastic surgery, from laser techniques to invasive procedures.  I asked them curiously why would they put themselves through so much pain to risk their current appearance for something they have no guarantee will come out perfect.  They all answered, “To be more beautiful and to look younger for our dates, our husbands, our boyfriends, our children.”  I didn’t hear one of them say, they were doing it for…


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Neverending Thoughts on Disfunctional Government

Having faith in yourself gives you total responsibly for your actions and what you present to the world is who you really are.  Looking at the republican primary, we see Christian wannabe leaders who bring their religious morals as part of their platform, yet lead a second life or potentially a second life, as sexual predators, bigots, and most of all, phony people.  They say the secular behavior of a person is their private business, and whether you agree with that or not is a personal…


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Dr. Conrad Murray- Guilty As Charged

Michael Jackson is dead, certain to be mourned by his music lovers and certain to be ignored by most people who knew him on an intimate level.  As an entertainer, he may have been extraordinarily popular and capable.  As a human being, his traits were selfish, some accused him of pedophilia, others accused him of dishonesty, and of lacking any form of loyalty.  As far as his doctor goes, I feel that without question, Dr. Conrad Murray was guilty as charged.  I guess the $150,000/month salary…


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America is Not A Christian Nation... ha ha

I’ve been watching the republican debates, as well as the republican, democratic, and independent media that are covering the debates, and I must say it truthfully becomes more embarrassing by the moment.  Cain is being attacked for a possible harassment charge from years ago, and it isn’t the charge that he’s being attacked for, but whatever it is, he was being dishonest about it to the public.  Perry is being attacked for his Evangelical movement ties.  Romney is being attacked for his…


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When Something Ails You...

When anything ails you, go visit either the democratic or republican spin-doctors.  The news this morning on all channels are continuously optimistic about our economy turning around magically.  Greece has its debt issues handled where one of the few things not affected by this glorious turnaround is our employment rate.  This hovers just under 10%, yet all the majority networks are talking about the recovery that’s just around the corner.  Isn’t it amazing that the recovery around the…


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2012 Presidential Election

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on our next President.  Does America always need a  "WOW Factor" during an election now?  The WOW in Obama was that he was the 1st black president... BIG DEAL.... so what's the WOW this year, the first Jew or the first Mormon?  If race was the biggest challenger in 2008, will religion be the biggest "WOW" in 2012?



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A Peace Pilgrimage with No Peace

Interesting article this morning...


25 years ago, Pope John Paul II invited Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims to a pilgrimage at the Umbrian hilltop town of Assisi, where leaders shared in common prayers for a daylong prayer for peace.  On October 27th, Pope Benedict XVI is attempting to repeat this event, however this time, Thursday's event will only feature time for individual prayer and reflection.  The estimated 300 participants will be given time to pray silently in…


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