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The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris

I’ve recently read The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris.  I found it quite inspiring and empowering for us atheists to have a same in moral matters of the world.


I especially like his idea of a moral elite advisory group that gives moral direction to the world.  I think this a great and beneficial idea.


I like also the idea of ‘well-being’ being the basis for our moral code.


I can see also how evolution can select for different moral codes due to…


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Why do atheist communities seem more aggressive?

 I do find it refreshing that people are more straight forward in atheist communities than not.  And I would have to qualify that not all atheist communities are more aggressive than non atheist communities – but I do find a certain scene of directness and crossing social boundaries that are upheld in other places.


This isn’t to say that I don’t contravene quite a few social boundaries myself, and in fact feel quite more at home here on Nexus than anywhere else, where I find…


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The Juxtaposition of Biblical Contradictions - Material Wanted

I need material for deconstructing the Christian myth in arguments with loved but religious friends.

Can you help?

I’m after quotes from the Bible that clearly contradiction each other.

I’m sure there are a few of you out there who’ve had religious instruction who might come to this more easily than myself – who was brought up “dad was an atheist” and “mum joined an Indian cult”.

There are a lot of weird comments like that in the bible - I'm sure if… Continue

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My 4 year old is smarter than a Christian!

So I got out a book of old testament stories to read to my kids. I like to educate them to the contextualisation of christianity in our modern world. I read the creation story of god made the world in 7 days. I talked about it with my 9 year old - about how this story might have been written - 10,000 years ago, with humans wondering how it all started and coming up with this theory about it - and then all our modern archaeology, giving us different evidence for new theories such as big bang and… Continue

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Theist Propaganda – Creation – the movie about Charles Darwin



Who’s seen this movie?


And who knows the history?


I got the movie out, knowing nothing about it.  I watched the whole thing, surprised that it had some supernatural type scenes in it – in the form of dream sequence, but going along with the creativity of the movie all the same.


Then I get to the extra bits.  The making of the movie type thing on the DVD.  And I get a whole lot of Christian propaganda. 




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Sextus Empiricus

OK now we're getting somewhere. I like what this guy is on about. A bit from Wik below - but there is lots more on the wik page. I like this stuff, and wouldn't mind having a discussion about this further from those interested or who can express their own understanding of this philosophical perspective - and it's implications for life generally and personally.

This from Wik:

Sextus Empiricus raised concerns which applied to all types of knowledge. He doubted the validity… Continue

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I've been told I might be a Pyrrhoist. I'm not so sure! LOL

Perhaps I am. But then again, perhaps I'm not. I do have some quite strong views on life, and I do believe that we can know some stuff. But really what I've read below, is all that I know about Pyrrho. So if you know more and can enlighten me further - please do! :)

This from Wik:

The main principle of Pyrrho's thought is expressed by the word acatalepsia, which connotes the ability to… Continue

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Help needed to support social justice for atheists in Australia



An Atheist contact of mine has recently written an article for Online Opinion.


It is about the battle of the right of religious employers to discriminate on religious grounds when employing people in Victoria, Australia.


“In 2010 the Labor government of Victoria instigated legislation to prevent religious institutions from discriminating against employees on religious grounds where those employees were not employed to perform religious…


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Help! Quantum Mechanics, Randomness and Causality

I really want to know what I can rely on. I want to know if my brain is fully caused - or has a possibility of QM caused randomness. I'm told that I can feel safe that it is fully caused - but I'm suspicious that QM may play a role and therefore randomness may be a possibility.

I suppose just like the notion of free will.... what we believe to be true, doesn't actually change anything in reality... which is comforting....

But what are the implications of either being fully… Continue

Added by Alice on February 23, 2011 at 7:11pm — 18 Comments

What the!!???

Learn Biblical Hebrew online with the Holy Land’s best teacher…???

How come we're getting these sorts of ad's on an atheist network ?

Did I miss something... who takes care of the advertising on here?

I wonder if they know they are wasting their money, or if they are aware, and are trying to save us all!

Alice :)

Added by Alice on February 20, 2011 at 3:58pm — 11 Comments

Share the LoVe

Come and join in the discussion at the Nonviolent / Compassionate Communication group!

After reading the book Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B Rosenberg, I’m very taken with his ideas about Nonviolent or Compassionate Communication. I can see that they can give us useful skills in dealing with our every day lives and improve the quality of our lives and the lives of those around us, when we have a go at applying his techniques.

He basically provides tools and… Continue

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Right/wrong/good/bad - what are your values? Please share for brain reformat!

What's been really troubling me recently is this right/wrong/good/bad/evil/other stuff. After reading a couple of posts here today, which is just so refreshing - having been desperate for this sort of naturally based world view for such a long time now - being surrounded by Theists friends and family!!!

Anyhow, it was a relief today reading that there is no good/bad etc. Because really when we look at it, we just are here... and it's a simple as that. Then I go into my 'real' life… Continue

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Wow My First Blog Spot...

Hi Guys,


I'm happy that my first blog spot is in the midst of a group of like-minded atheists!


But now, I'm stunned as to what I want to say.


I was talking with a friend yesterday about wanting a Blog spot, and here now I find that I have one... Well what to do now!


OK, perhaps I need to go an have a look at some other blogs and find out what is out there in Blog world.  Is it a place to spew out our hatred on the world, or a…


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