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The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris

I’ve recently read The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris.  I found it quite inspiring and empowering for us atheists to have a same in moral matters of the world.


I especially like his idea of a moral elite advisory group that gives moral direction to the world.  I think this a great and beneficial idea.


I like also the idea of ‘well-being’ being the basis for our moral code.


I can see also how evolution can select for different moral codes due to…


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Why do atheist communities seem more aggressive?

 I do find it refreshing that people are more straight forward in atheist communities than not.  And I would have to qualify that not all atheist communities are more aggressive than non atheist communities – but I do find a certain scene of directness and crossing social boundaries that are upheld in other places.


This isn’t to say that I don’t contravene quite a few social boundaries myself, and in fact feel quite more at home here on Nexus than anywhere else, where I find…


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The Juxtaposition of Biblical Contradictions - Material Wanted

I need material for deconstructing the Christian myth in arguments with loved but religious friends.

Can you help?

I’m after quotes from the Bible that clearly contradiction each other.

I’m sure there are a few of you out there who’ve had religious instruction who might come to this more easily than myself – who was brought up “dad was an atheist” and “mum joined an Indian cult”.

There are a lot of weird comments like that in the bible - I'm sure if… Continue

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